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Hello, its possible to add fiel view table of a table is not linked?


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Yes with select statement.



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Exactly as Nick said..   Here is a bit more... That is the purpose of the "View" layout element.   You drop that onto you form .. and then add a forumla for the select.     If you want to limit that is in the view.. You can manually add filters by clicking on the columns..   Of.. if there is a data element on your current form that may be used .. you can reference that field.

Here are a few snapshots for you. 


The formula.. references the "Filter Constraint" field.. 


Entering a value into the "Filter Constraint" field .. and moving off that field will automatically manipulate the "view".. I use this approach a lot rather than "table view" (aka table grid).. as those appear to have to be manually refreshed. 

Filter Constraint

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shoot.. my typing is aweful this mornig.. Sorry for the type-os above.. :( 

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...or if you find Mconneen's answer a little science fiction :)

here is something simpler...


let myCode := Item.Code;
let myCust := Customer;
select 'Invoice Items' where myCust = Customer and myCode = Item.Code




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