the CSV filemaker 11 file (El capitan 10.11.6) is not recognised by Ninox for reason unknown by my iMac 2019 with Mojave OS. What can I do ?


I bought Ninox because I thougt it could work with csv files and I don't need to upgrade my Filemaker 11 for a big enterprise application. I want to migrate my twenty years of files and that's the reason I thought Ninox could help. I still hope. Best wishes.

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I moved all my databases from Filemaker 14 (.fp12) to Ninox without problems. As I remember FMP 11 uses an old format (.fp7).

So, try to open the exported csv files with Excel or Libreoffice Calc, examine and, maybe, make corrections to the data, export again to csv and then try to import to Ninox.

Pay attention to field formats e.g. Dates (sometimes dates are exported as numbers from FMP).