To stick 2 spaces in the form


Is there a way to stick together two spaces one with a field, another that is 1CBA568F-D826-4057-9622-67F615C616B2just a space in the form ?

Thank you.


otherwise to have a high field...


Otherwise have a title space which on can change the size…

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Not sure if this is exactly what you're asking about but a trick I use that may/may not help ... is the use of a Free text field (layout element) ... you can then 'size' by selecting the text color and background color to be the same (or background color and line color the same), for example white or yellow, ... etc. 

... this way you can put some text at one spot (i.e. the top ... then hit <return> to add the number of lines you'd like the space to be > then add more text (or a line) and it will keep the 'space' the size you've made between the word/line you started with ... and what you've finished with. 


I hope this makes sense, if not I can do a screenshot to show what I'm describing.

//-- if you read this/reply within the next 24-48 hrs or so and you don't get a reply back from me ... it is because we've lost our power and/or internet (So. Fla) waiting for Hurricane Isaias which hopefully will only give us some bad weather and not a mess :-> 


Hi Karen,

Thank you for your reply. A screenshot would indeed be nice.

Good luck for Isaias !