trigger on the field updated by another trigger


I have a field (A) with update trigger. This trigger changes the value of another field (B). The latter also contains an update trigger which changes the value of third field (C). If I change the value of field A the value of the field B changes as well but the value of field C does not react. I know that it is possible to make an arrangement where trigger in field A changes values in fields B and C. Question: is it possible to arrange two simple consequitive triggers in my case rather than arrangement of compex trigger in field A?     


Additional Info:

field A belongs to parent table, field B to child table and field C to grandchild table. So I need to update several records in child and grandchild table.

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If a field is changed by a trigger, the trigger of that field won“t trigger because triggers only fire after manually changing the field.

So you should only use the trigger from field A and do changes in field B and C with the formula in the trigger from field A.


Thanks a lot. I replaced non-formula field C with formula one.