Trouble with two table references - same settings, different results.


I have a a Table called 'Pages' and I want to use a code for the year and month on entries to that Table.


I have created two further Tables, 'Years' and 'Months'.


For historical reasons the dates need recorded as a code so my 'Years' Table is along the lines of


Year      Year Code

2000     AA

2001     AB

2002     AC


And the 'Months' Table


Month     Month Code

January   A

February B

March     C


and so on.


In a 'Pages' entry I want to choose the Year and Month and have those displayed in my code. So rather than have 2002 February I want AC B.


I have created References: From Pages to Years (N:1) and that works. I click in my 'Year Code' field, it brings up my Years Table and I select 2002. I now see "AC". Perfect. Now, same setup using From Pages to Months (N:1). I click, select February and my field then shows "February B".


So the Years Table correctly gets me "AC" not "2002 AC" while the Months Table gives me "February B" rather than the "B" I want.


Now I think somewhere in the "Edit Columns" I can say which fields should show, and I think I've done that elsewhere. However, I have edited anything for Years. So why does Months show the whole Table entry while Years just gives me the answer I want?




Its "Edit Field" -> "Show As", isn't it?


Still a number of unanswered questions in my head though. I'm convinced I checked everything!


What is displayed for a N:1 reference shown as a "Popup" is governed by the function entered in the "Show as" option under "More options". If the option if left blank, Ninox builds a default display from the "Text" fields of the referenced table, but not from the "Number" fields. This explains the difference between "Months" (Text) and "Years" (Number).


Thanks for that Alain, makes sence. Did I fail to read this somewhere in the manual? 


Mmmm... I don't remember seeing this kind of details in the manual. Working with Ninox feels more like an experience in physics (send particles in a collision course, see what happens, build a theory, apply) than an experience in IT (read the manual, apply) 8-).


Oh, Davie. You have now experienced another pain point for Ninox users, the Manual or lack of one.




Davie - there is the webinar2022 .... 0001 reference database that is very good.

you just emails suopport and ask them to give you access to it.