Trying to write basic mathematical formula for Inventory

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I need a sum so that the display shows the Remaining Stock

Fields are currently numeric for "Number" and "Supplied"

eg:  Number = 50, Supplied = 3, so Remaining Stock = 47

I had:  Remaining Stock = Number - Supplied



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the normal way to count Inventory Items is:


Remaining Stock = UnitsInStock + sum(PurchaseInvoice.Supplied) - sum(SalesInvoice.Sold) 


Please give us more details to help you out.




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That's too complicated.  I ended up just using a field with Number-Supplied!

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it has to be:

Remaining Stock := Number - Supplied



What I have is I'm tracking starting inventory, added inventory, transfered inventory, sold inventory, and end of day inventory. My problem is that i want to automatically sort items whether or not they are in the store. I'm currently using this:

if 'Starting Qty' = 0 then "No" else "Yes" end

I need to find a way to have it say Yes when the Add field has a number in it. Can anyone help me with this?

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How can I keep track of inventory in a manufacturing process or a restaurant?

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Dear Luis,
You are welcome to try out our Inventory Template on Ninox
Hopefully that will be usefull to you!