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I have a problem with my customer number

I would like the customer number to start automatically from 1000 

For exampe first customer 1000 and second customer 1001 and

Third customer 1003  I need formula it and say me where do i write this formula.


second question:

About field of invoice number: i have in table invoice one number field that i write some number there. I will invoice number be include: First name + last name+ number field (I want only the first letter of the name and the family)

for example: first name is: saeed    Last name is: rahimi   And my field number is: 23454   Result want be: SR23454

thank you





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For the name parsing.. See the following

then serach for substr .. substr(string, start, length) – Extracts a part of the string. Start is zero-based.

For the number.. hmm.. perhaps a Trigger on Create ... max(select Customer.Number) ... check if null .. then first customer so set to 1000.. else add +1 to the number and set the current one. 


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Unfortunately I could not do it

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Please book a call with us, so that we can help you,



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thank you Sakshi

I was able to do it.