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Good Evening

I have been using Filemaker Pro for a short time and came back again to give ninox a try again.  I wondered about a few things.  I did ask before but wondered if there was any change.

In Filemaker you can make Layouts and arrange to suit yourseld, also user menues for navigation etc.  Can this be done in Ninox?

I wanted an app that allows users to search etc through data via a web page or app.

I know I must look through tutorials etc.


Thanks again for any ideas tips. etc

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Welcome back.


When you are viewing the default table view in Ninox, you can click the "+" to the right of the "(all)" tab to create layouts such as: Form, Chart, Card, Kanban, Gantt and Pivot. The default layouts in Ninox tend to be responsive, so they can be viewed on various devices. To create a WYSIWYG form, click the Print button on the right side of the screen to see the print preview. At first it may seem primative, but it is actually very powerful. For example, you can paste in a image of a form and place fields over the form (supports layering). You can have multiple layouts in one print preview mode, by adding tabs while in print preview.

With regard to navigation, you can create Tabs in the form detail view. While viewing a detail view, select "Edit Fields" from the Tool icon on the left. A view with three sections will appear. The middle section is where you place your fields and layout elements. The order in which they are placed will determine where they appear on the detail layout. At the bottom of the section on the right, click "Add layout element". Drag the Tab element from the right to the center section to add tabs to your form layout.


Searching data is a major strength of Ninox. There are three different ways for the user to search:

(1) Search across all tables. Click "Find" at the upper left to search across all tables.

(2) Search across current table. Click "Find" at the top of any table to search across all visible columns of the current table (click any column header to add/remove columns).

(3) Filter by column. Click any column header and enter your search criteria in the Filter field and hit the enter key. Be aware that the column will retain the filter until you go back and remove the filter criteria (by clicking "x" on right side of filter field).


To learn more about Ninox, try searching "Ninox Learning" on youtube.




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Wow that's brilliant. What a description very helpful and desision made. 😁. Just one wee thing is it possible to share views and allow people to add records only. Thank you very much.  Lots of hidden things. 

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I think sharing views is always going to be static.


However, you can use Wufoo with Zapper, and the Ninox API to allow users to add records. The API is described in the Ninox docs at:


Another option is to use Integromat. Ninox premium partner Julian Kirkness, Kirkness Associates has a video that shows how to use Integromat with Google forms and Ninox at:


Julian also compares Zappier vs Integromat on his website at, so he might be a good go-to person, who can tell you the pros and cons. Maybe he has a sample solution?




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Ok thanks been playing around with Ninox tonight.  Its just so different from the likes of filemaker layout.

Thanks again will see how I get on.