"write if"


i'd like to block the creation of a new record by mistake… (for example when i hit the + at the bottom)

i forgot how to do that…

anyone can help ?



nobody ?

maybe i'm not clear enough ?

i have a table A that is built by a script from another table B

sometimes i open that table A

and sometimes i manually add (by mistake, when i hit the + sign on bottom line) a new record in that table A

i wish to present this because i use the id number in a function and i don't want to mess up the id numbers (having for example 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 if i erase record 4)

i want the script from table B to be able to write to table A but i don't want to manually write to table A from table A

i want to use the "write if" function from the parameters of table A

i am trying to remember what should be the value (0, "no", null, etc...) to enter in that "write if" cell to "block" the ability to add a new record to table A

AND i hope it won't prevent the script from table B to write to table A (but there i might ask too much ???)

thanks again


"i wish to present" => please read "i wish to prevent"