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V3.0. What does the Show Tab Bar command do?
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Button to Delete Record
can you sync a database with the Contacts app?
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Mehrere Datensätze in Untertabelle gleichzeitig hinzufügen in Tabelle
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Test field
I have a table with a.o. a numeric field and a choice field. Depending on the choice made in the choice field I would like to automatically change the value in the numeric field from positive to negative. I have tried with the "trigger" fields but that did not work, at least not for me. I would very much appreciate if someone would point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help. Gerard p.s. this is a first time for me asking a question in a forum so please bear with me if i am not following proper etiquette.
Fonts in a text box
Issues re-ordering tables in side-bar
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Starting Viber chat from Ninox
How can I print multiple records on each page.