Generate Unique Numeric Key for table
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Lets assume you want to create your one unique numeric key for a table object and you want to ensure it is of a fixed number of digits..

Here is a quick hack..   (put this code in a global function) 

Table Name : UniqueKey (your table might be Invoice, Customer, Project, etc... )
Field 'Key Size' must be a numeric value between 1 and 12 (inclusive).. of course you can hard code it for your needs.. 

The code.. 


If you have other approaches.. would like to see them.. 


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OK Folks.. here is the code as a global function... WHY a global function you may ask????   Because when you execute something like.. 

let uk := create UniqueKey; 

Ninox will NOT execute the "on create trigger" .. therefor .. I put it into a global function so I can call it after I create a row via a script. 


PS.. I have an email into support.. For some reason.. I am getting a strange error that if this is the FIRST (or only) global function .. AND I was passing in number from a form field.... it would pass the number in as empty string.. Not sure why.. 


Can you post the raw formula to this please, Mconneen?


Thank you,

S Moore

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Sure.... I usually post them as "images" because they format better.. :) 

function getUniqueKey(ks : number) do
let c := 1;
let k := 0;
let strikeOut := 10;
let comment := "random generates a number like 0.623284817995";
comment := "pow function is x to the power of y";
comment := "given only 12 decimal points.. return -1 if cannot generate key size";
comment := "if we try more than 10 times to get a unique key.. stop.. there might be an issue.. and return -2";
if ks > 0 and ks < 13 then
while c > 0 and strikeOut > 0 do
     strikeOut := strikeOut - 1;
  k := number(format(random() * pow(10, ks), "###########0"));
  c := cnt(select UniqueKey where 'Numeric Key' = k)

   k := -1
if strikeOut = 0 then k := -2 end;