How commercialize a template ?

Since several days, I'm working on a ninox template, I would like to "market" it through a license system. To describe how it works: everyone can pay to use my template for a specific period (1 year for example). Then, the rights are withdrawn once its license is completed in case of non renewal. Is it possible to create this in ninox? Maybe through third-party applications with Zappier?

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I'm also interested in this issue.


I'm also interested in this issue.


Someone can help us ?

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Hi all, 

Thank you for your interest in developing Ninox templates. 

Could you please send us an E-Mail to in order to talk with us about our partner program? 

We are looking forward to get in contact with you. 

Thank you very much.

Best, Jörg

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I have made my database (still in construction and far of completed - due to the limited time i can spend on it) with a licence field and calculated depending on the Owners Company's VAT NR to unlock the full features. Once registered (the customer send me an email with his VAT number to get his licence)a hidden yes/no field is triggered and with that field some other fields are active(writable) or not or even hidden. This though is not period specific but you can implement that somehow. 

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I've done something similar - but the code is based on a date in the app. The process is:

1. the user goes over existing licence limit (number of records) and is prompted to visit a webpage to upgrade

2. user completes Cognito form, including making payment by PayPal

3. Integromat takes the form value and looks up the appropriate licence key (which level and what date) from a database (not in Ninox at the moment but will be when Integromat supports Ninox natively)

4. Integromat emails the licence key to the customer and updates database to show licensee information.


This all works - but the biggest issue with supplying Ninox apps is how to manage updates - there is no mechanism available to update copies of the app in use by your clients. This means you will realistically be limited to supplying apps as just templates - i.e. to be used as-is - unless you intend to provide a manual update process for customers.



Thanks for your answers everyone,

Julian, you system is very interesting, but I have some questions about that.

  "1. the user goes over existing licence limit (number of records) and is prompted to visit a webpage  
  to upgrade"

How limit the number of records in Ninox for a user?

  "4. Integromat emails the licence key to the customer and updates database to show licensee                  

Once the customer buy the licence key, How to tell Ninox to unlock the record limit for this user?


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Hi Maxime

You're right of course, thhat it isn't possible to actually stop a user adding records over the licence limit. So what I do is have a Trigger on create which sets an flag called Editable if the record is over the number:


let licences := first(select 'System Settings').'Licenced Contacts';
let contacts := count(select Contacts);
if contacts > licences then Editable := false end


If this is the case, all of the fields on the form dissapear (their Display option is set to 'Editable') and instead I display some text and a button which deletes the useless record and takes them to System Settings (a table) where they can see a link to the upgrade form (a Cognito form) which takes their payment and then Integromat does it's thing.


Not all that elegant but the best I've been able to come up with so far - it would be nice to have control over whether records could be added through code...


I would like to commercialise a template also (a database I have been working on for months) - and market it to people in a similar industry to my own.  Would it be possible for us to charge a once off fee and then we email the user a copy of the template with a link to Ninox?  Then they just pay Ninox their monthly fee.

All the coding to make it a licensed agreement sounds too hard for me personally (although it would probably make more money that way).

There could be various levels of the template, so just a basic one, and then a more advanced one, etc, so they can choose which template they want to spend the money on.

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