How to copy some records from Table1 to Table 2..

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Hi Everyone,
My purchase orders have arrived to my warehouse. At this stage, I will make a waybill entry. However, since there are too many order items, it is very difficult to enter the waybill one by one. How do I handle this shorter. Or how do I transfer the fields of the current table to another effortlessly?

Best regards.

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You could filter by column by clicking any column header in the list, or you could add a column specifically for this purpose.

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For a description of how to copy or move records from Table1 to Table2 see:

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Hello Dean,

Thank you very much for your answer.

By the way, I also came up with a solution and it works fine.

Let me talk briefly;

I linked the waybill items table to the order items table. When I click this linked field, the Order Items table opens in full. I created a new criteria cell here, displaying only the relevant order items. After that, all I have to do is click on them and thus the order items are copied to the dispatch items table.