Locked out

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If I go into Options, and Trigger After Open, and then paste in:


openTable("Contacts", "Cards");

Thereafter, when I open the database, it goes directly to the Cards view of my Contacts table and slides open the Contact detail form, which is really nice.


There is only one problem. I appear to be forever locked out of the view that shows the Data Model and Options tab. Is there a way to get back to that view? If I close and re-open the database it now always skips that view, per my Trigger After Open code.


I have reverted to a backup, but I am still curious if there is a key combination or some other way to skip the Trigger After Open action.





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I figured out a way to avoid the lockout and still allow users to open a database directly to the table of their choice, try this example:


1. create a database with Contacts, Transactions and Preferences tables.
2. add a Choice field to the Preferences table with items:


3. add the following under Options tab "Trigger after open":

let v := text(record(Preferences,1).Choice);
if v = "Contacts" then
openTable("Contacts", "(all)");
if v = "Transactions" then
openTable("Transactions", "(all)");

To regain access to the Data Model and Options tab, set the Preferences Choices field to "empty" before closing database.