Static Map With Multiple Markers
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Made this with a picture field which is filled with the markers chosen by a location field.

The markers are customizable.

The database is posted in the EN team and is called : StaticGoogleMapWithMultipleMarkers


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Very nice Steven! Thanks for sharing 😎

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See also the Updated Version here:


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thank you Steven for sharing this application, however I can't get it to work (knowing that I'm not an expert).

in static map: the map is not displayed

in dinamic map: I cannot modify the locations

I have activated an API key which seems to work.


do i have something else to configure?


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I also experienced some trouble to pick locations after the Dynamic map was displayed.

I added that blue button 'Clear map to restart' to fix that but it not always work, only when I exit the database and return fixed sometimes this problem.

Also on the Ipad version it doesn't work well but it does in the browser version.

I'm not an expert but I think it's a Bug in Ninox.



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I use an Ipad, it may be because of that. hoping that the Ninox developers take the problem into account. it's still an interesting program


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Hello Steven


Unfortunaely I can't find the location of the database and I am really interesting of this solution.

Could you give me some link to the database?

Thank you in advanced!

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Il faut aller sur l'onglet 


si il n'y est pas, il faut demander par l'intermediaire du mail contact de Ninox



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Unfortunately I have only the German one.

Could you add me to the English group as well?Untitled