Suggested use of "Required" and "Composition" relation popups

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing "Required" and/or "Compositon" to "Yes" in a child relationship? I think I understand the theory, however, I am concerned about usability for the end user.


Which settings tend to result in a solution that is less confusing to the end user? We tend to offer lower priced solutions, so we need to keep it simple. I would greatly appreciate hearing the experiences of other developers who have their Ninox solutions out in the wild.

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Hi Dean, 

The "Required" option shows the field in red, so that the user knows he should fill in data in that field. 

The addvantage of a "Yes" in the "Composition option" is that you can delete or duplicate all child records with the parent record.

Best, Jörg

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Jörg, Your reply if very helpful. Thank you.