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The digitalisation of processes in the care sector offers immense advantages to be better prepared for current and future challenges. Outpatient and inpatient care facilities benefit from cross-platform and cloud-based database solutions to operate more efficiently. Ninox offers companies from the care sector the framework to set up database solutions easily, quickly, and efficiently without programming knowledge and therefore empowers them to operate better and provide patients with adequate care.

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Efficient social management with Ninox
Efficient social management with Ninox

Wilfried-Jeurink Foundation for people with disabilities develops a solution for administration and documentation

Ninox runs online and offline on any device

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Ninox solutions for the care industry

Care sector in upheaval

Whether it's care for the elderly or the sick, inpatient or outpatient: escalating bureaucracy, staff shortages, and ever-increasing time and cost pressures pose enormous challenges for the care sector as a whole. Demographic change and difficult working conditions ensure that fewer and fewer care workers face more and more people in need of care, while at the same time the complexity of care continues to rise due to increasing multimorbidity. Many care services and facilities are therefore faced with the question of where more time and costs can be saved without compromising the quality of the nursing work. Experience has shown that the greatest potential lies in organisational procedures and business processes, which can be made much more efficient through optimisation and digitalisation and therefore contribute significantly to reducing the workload.

However, common industry solutions and ERP systems are often too large, too expensive, or too inflexible. That's why many care services and facilities organise themselves with paper documents, Excel spreadsheets, email, and various other software tools, but these hardly reduce the workload and actually create new problems. With the low-code platform Ninox, you can create your own individual care software without any programming knowledge, which is tailored exactly to your needs and combines all important business processes in one application, from planning and documentation to the billing of care services.

Data at any time and any place

Map complex processes simply with Ninox
Mobile and cross-platform working

With Ninox, your care software can be used wherever it is needed. This means that order and client-related information or digital patient files can be used both in the office and with a mobile device by the nurse on site.

A solution for all areas

With Ninox, you can digitalise all your administrative and organisational business processes, link them together, and handle them far more efficiently. This ranges from master data management for customers, cost units and employees to staff scheduling, resource management and tracking time to documentation in accordance with regulations and precise billing of care services. A mobile knowledge database facilitates the training of new nursing staff and needs-based reports provide the management with an up-to-date overview at the push of a button.

Digital workflows instead of paperwork

With Ninox, missing or deficient data, forgotten service items, material or medication consumption, and incomplete documentation are a thing of the past. All relevant information is recorded promptly on site and stored centrally. Never lose money again because of inadvertently unbilled services or incorrectly budgeted time allotments.

Software development without programming knowledge

You don't need programming skills or further IT investments to start with Ninox immediately and digitise your business processes according to your own ideas. Start with a subtask and expand your solution step-by-step via no-code to individual construction software, while already using the existing functions. Involve your employees in the development process and implement their feedback immediately. For more complex automation and integrations of external data sources, the Ninox API and a low-code scripting language are also available.

Professional and individual support

We will be around. If you need support or have questions, you can always turn to the Ninox Customer Success team with confidence right from the start. With our certified project partners, qualified service providers are also here for you, who can accompany you on the path to digitalisation with industry-specific know-how and extensive Ninox experience on request. With selective assistance or ready-made, customised software solutions. Either way, with Ninox, you always have a competent contact partner when needed.

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  • Process automation
  • Auxiliary means management
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