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The digitalisation of processes in the construction industry will continue to be one of the top issues in 2021 for property developers, prefabrication manufacturers, general contractors, and service providers who are looking for mobile, cloud-based solutions. Ninox offers you the framework to map processes simply, quickly and efficiently, to set up database solutions without programming knowledge, and to be able to process projects faster and more networked.

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You can create forms, reports, and evaluations simply by dragging and dropping.

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No communication overheads: all employees are always up to date on the latest information.

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Completely map your processes without programming knowledge

Surface planning with Ninox software
Efficient paperless solution for a road manufacturer MMB Surfacing

Road surfacing and taxiway surface specialist MMB Surfacing optimizes its workflows with Ninox

Plan architectural projects easily with Ninox
Efficient management of architectural projects

Renowned architecture firm nokera replaces established groupware with a customised Ninox solution

Building made easy with Ninox software
Prefab House Manufacturer KAMPA Relies on Low-Code

KAMPA expects a 30% increase in project management efficiency after changing from Excel to Ninox

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Ninox solutions for the construction industry

The future of the construction industry

Whether building construction, civil engineering, commercial or residential construction, whether a general contractor or individual trades: the entire construction industry is facing profound changes. On one hand, the economic development has recently ensured full order books; on the other hand, construction companies are also facing increasing pressure to digitise and more efficiently handle business processes. Trendy terms such as telematics, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and Construction 4.0 promise new working worlds, but often there is simply not enough know-how and time to implement them. Therefore, many construction companies still improvise in their daily business with outdated tradesman solutions, Excel spreadsheets, email, and various software tools, which hardly reduce the workload and often cause new problems. Large industry solutions and ERP systems, on the other hand, are often cumbersome and involve high investments as well as lengthy learning and adaptation phases. More often than not, such software projects fail because of the complexity and lack of flexibility.

A modern low-code platform like Ninox enables you to develop your own lean organisational solution that is precisely tailored to the needs, processes, and requirements of your construction or trade company and replaces all other software tools as a central application. It doesn't matter whether you have ten or a hundred employees. Your Ninox solution can be scaled as required and adapted to changing circumstances at any time with little effort, so it is absolutely future-proof.

Data at any time and any place

Map complex processes simply with Ninox
Mobile and cross-platform working

With Ninox, you can use your construction software wherever it is needed: At the office workstations, in the home office, and also directly on-site with the customer o retrieve information or record working times and material.

A solution for all areas

Ninox can map all relevant processes of company management and construction, from costing and preparation to project management with personnel and material scheduling to working time recording, invoicing, and recosting. Defects and work results can be documented directly by the site manager or foreman with photos using a mobile device and entered into the system. This saves you multiple visits to the construction site and maintains an overview at all times.

Digital workflows instead of paperwork

With Ninox, crumpled paper receipts, untraceable files, and endless email ping-pong, fruitless phone calls for information, and undocumented consumption of materials and building materials are a thing of the past. All information is always up-to-date and converges in the central Ninox database. This transparency also pays off for your clients. Never again lose money because of unrecorded material consumption, unconfirmed extra work, or material defects falsely attributed to your company.

Software development without programming knowledge

You don't need programming skills or further IT investments to start with Ninox immediately and digitise your business processes according to your own ideas. Start with a subtask and expand your solution step-by-step via no-code to individual construction software, while already using the existing functions. Involve your employees in the development process and implement their feedback immediately. For more complex automation and integrations of external data sources, the Ninox API and a low-code scripting language are also available.

Professional and individual support

We will be around. If you need support or have questions, you can always turn to the Ninox Customer Success team with confidence right from the start. With our certified project partners, qualified service providers are also here for you, who can accompany you on the path to digitalisation with industry-specific know-how and extensive Ninox experience on request. With selective assistance or ready-made, customised software solutions. Either way, with Ninox, you always have a competent contact partner when needed.

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