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Empathy and human attention are important factors in medical work on patients, but are increasingly being neglected because medical staff are overloaded with administrative activities. The consistent digitalization of administrative processes from patient registration to billing for services not only saves time and money, but also significantly increases the reliability and availability of data at the same time.

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You can create forms, reports, and evaluations simply by dragging and dropping.

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Organise everyday research routine with Ninox
Ninox in preclinical research in University Clinic of Cologne

A University of Cologne research group organises everyday routines with the database from Berlin

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Patient Management and KPIs tracking with Ninox

Digital Transformation: Ninox delivers electronic health records for Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi

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Efficient inventory management for hospitals

Private clinic ARTEMED develops its own solution for managing medications and materials with Ninox

Ninox runs online and offline on any device

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Ninox solutions for the healthcare industry

More efficient processes with digitalisation in the health sector

The managers of medical practices, clinics, and hospitals are not to be envied for their task. They are supposed to ensure the quality of treatment for their patients, take up new developments in modern medicine, and possibly conduct research themselves, all while cutting costs massively. Added to this is the growing bureaucracy, which leads to an ever-increasing administrative burden. Digitalisation is not a miracle cure, but it can contribute greatly to relieving the burden on staff. This is not only about general administrative processes, but also about important operational processes such as the recording, allocation, and billing of services or the demand-oriented storage and ordering of medicines, materials and instruments. Industry solutions for medical practices and clinics, as well as hospital information systems (HIS), are often inflexible and do not take into account the many individual processes in the daily routine of a practice or clinic. Adaptations are costly and lengthy, so improvisation is often carried out with additional software tools, which often leads to new problems in turn.

With the low-code platform Ninox, you now have a tool at your fingertips that you can use to digitise processes of your practice or clinic yourself without programming knowledge and tailor them exactly to your requirements. This can function either as a supplement or as an alternative to an existing practice or clinic software. Develop your own efficient, needs-based management solution that relieves your staff and ensures reliable information management.

Data at any time and any place

Map complex processes simply with Ninox
Mobile and cross-platform working

Ninox is not tied to specific operating systems or devices. You can use your practice or clinic solution wherever it is needed: at reception, at administrative workstations, and in the laboratory, as well as on-the-go in patient rooms, treatment rooms, and medication depots.

A solution for all areas

There are hardly any limits to the areas of application of Ninox. Develop functions for patient and medication management, record all services and consumptions promptly where they occur, manage various ward depots, keep an eye on stocks, and be automatically reminded of reorders. Make appointments, record working hours, and create precise invoices at the touch of a button.

A new approach to teamwork

No more confusing patient files, inadequate vaccination documentation, or confusing holiday plans. All parties now have access to all important data from anywhere and at any time. Plus, doctors can finally concentrate on their patients instead of admin.

Software development without programming knowledge

You don't need programming skills or further IT investments to start with Ninox immediately and digitise your business processes according to your own ideas. Start with a subtask and expand your solution step-by-step via no-code to individual construction software, while already using the existing functions. Involve your employees in the development process and implement their feedback immediately. For more complex automation and integrations of external data sources, the Ninox API and a low-code scripting language are also available.

Professional support for your questions and needs

We will be around. If you need support or have any questions, you can always turn to the Ninox Customer Success team with confidence right from the start. With our certified project partners, qualified service providers are also here for you, who can accompany you on the path to digitalisation with industry-specific know-how and extensive Ninox experience on request. With selective assistance or ready-made, customised software solutions. Either way, with Ninox, you always have a competent contact partner when needed.

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