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Business, work, and personal life are becoming increasingly digital, connected and automated - a trend that has only accelerated following recent events. While the market continues to lack skilled software developers, Ninox offers you the all-in-one framework to create database solutions quickly, efficiently, and without in-depth programming knowledge.

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You can create forms, reports, and evaluations simply by dragging and dropping.

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No communication overheads: all employees are always up to date on the latest information.

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Ninox runs on all devices. Even when there is no internet connection.

Completely map your processes without programming knowledge

Agile sales management with Ninox
Agile sales control with Ninox

Digital Solutions Berlin develops cross-platform sales solutions for indoor and field service

The dream team for CRM, ERP and production control
The dream team for CRM, ERP and production control

Together, Ninox and XETICS LEAN map the processes from offer to production through to delivery

Ninox fosters healthy growth in the IT sector
Ninox fosters healthy growth in the IT sector

Leading German system integrator SVA switches its contract management from Excel to Ninox

Ninox runs online and offline on any device

Integrate other software with the Ninox API

Work collaboratively with your team

Visualize your data with kanban, gantt and charts

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Ninox solutions for the IT industry

IT sector benefits twice from digitalisation

Information technology is considered the industry of the future. Progressive digitalisation is creating constant demand and a growing need for know-how, hardware, software, and, last but not least, qualified personnel. On the other hand, hardly any other sector of the economy is as segmented as the IT industry. It ranges from self-employed web programmers to internet start-ups and medium-sized system houses to technology corporations with thousands of employees. The means and methods with which IT companies organise their own business processes are correspondingly just as diverse. In general, IT service providers prefer to invest their scarce resources in customer projects rather than in optimising their own business processes. This is why you often find patchworks of different systems for CRM, ERP, service and contract management, web-based tools for time recording, scheduling and support, as well as various department- or user-specific solutions with Excel spreadsheets and VBA scripts.

With Ninox, you get a framework with which you can digitise, link, and optimise the most diverse areas of your company. An all-in-one database solution enables, among other things, more internal collaboration, more transparent processes and, above all, the possibility to invest your time and resources in projects instead of in project management.

Data at any time and any place

Map complex processes simply with Ninox
Mobile and cross-platform working

Ninox saves your resources because, as a cloud-based development platform, it can be used immediately anywhere from home without any technical effort: at the office, at home, and even with mobile devices on the road and with customers, project partners, or at trade fairs. And, of course, Ninox can also be used by your customers.

A solution for all areas

In essence, the administrative tasks of an IT company are no different from those of other industries. Customers have to be acquired, master data, services and contracts managed, appointments planned, projects handled, working hours recorded and invoices issued. In detail, however, the processes and requirements are highly unique. With Ninox, you can easily design all processes exactly according to your needs. Or rather, according to those of your customers.

Digital workflows instead of Excel spreadsheets and email

With Ninox, inefficient and vague, overflowing mailboxes, and untraceable information on contracts and projects are a thing of the past. Never again be annoyed by missed deadlines and never again give away money due to unbilled or incorrectly billed working hours. Instead, save time and money by automating routine processes and using a uniform, central platform for communicating and exchanging data and documents with customers, employees, and business partners.

Resource-efficient software development

Ninox does not require any in-depth programming knowledge and therefore also enables employees of your specialist departments, product or project management to develop their own, needs-based solutions via no-code. Involve power users, start with a specific subtask, and expand your solution step by step with additional functions. However, experienced software developers also benefit from Ninox because it significantly reduces the time and technical effort compared to conventional development. And with the API and ninox's own scripting language, the possibilities for integration are almost unlimited. Both for your own needs and those of your customers.

Professional and individual support

As IT experts, you have become familiar with Ninox quickly and know how to assess the possibilities. Nevertheless, you or your employees may need support at times. It's good to know that the Ninox Customer Support Team and our external solution partners are available to you at any time. With selective assistance or ready-made, customised software solutions. Or maybe you want to become a Ninox partner yourself and expand your portfolio with a modern, future-proof low-code platform and corresponding services. Either way, with Ninox you are well positioned for the future.

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