Empowering any user to create business Apps for teams.

True to our motto, we support you in teamwork and increase your productivity. Use Ninox to create your individual and customized business app.
Many templates give you a quick and uncomplicated introduction to the world of Ninox. Create tables and forms, customize them using Drag & Drop and optimize your workflow. In this way, we would like to make a contribution to making their daily work easier and to concentrate on the essentials.

Take a look at these examples of how other users take advantage of Ninox:

  • A cosmetician uses Ninox to manage customers, appointments and invoices.
  • A user-interface designer uses Ninox to keep track of her tasks, projects and deadlines.
  • A movie fan uses Ninox to organize his DVD collection: Which friend did he lend the third season of “The Wire” to?
  • A mother of three uses Ninox as a book of household accounts to know how much her family spends each month.
  • We use Ninox as our IT release management system for keeping track of bugs, change requests and planning ahead


Which Ninox Solution is Right for Me?

Ninox comes in 3 different flavours:

  • Use Ninox Smart as an easy-to-use single-user database app on your iPad, Mac and iPhone. Data may be synchronized between devices via iCloud.
  • Teams and small businesses will benefit from Ninox Pro, a one-click installable database for local networks / intranets
  • In order to work location-independent, you may choose Ninox Cloud, a database-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.