First steps

The best way to learn about Ninox is by trying. Templates are a great resource to get to know about the possibilities. To get you started, this tutorial will guide you with a step by step instruction to create your first database with Ninox from scratch.

Getting started with Ninox

You will learn how to build a client database. It is actually the "Invoices" template. You can also download this template or find it in the templates section on the Ninox start page.

In this first part you will create a table to keep records of your customers. You will add text fields for name, address and company and choice boxes with predefined values, such as your customer status.

In the second part you will learn about the concept of data views. A data view is a representation of your table data. You will create different views to highlight different aspects of your clients.

The third part shows how to create a database for invoices.You will create invoices for your clients and link products to each invoice. We will highlight references between tables and shows how to calculate values like sums, years and (total) prices.