With Ninox you have a lot of possibilities how to look from several perspectives at your data. You can perform operations and create different views.

Re-arrange columns

You can re-arrange the position of each column by drag&drop.

  • Click a table head and drag it left or right.

Sorting and table calculations

  • Click on any column head.

A dialog will open allowing you to perform different operations.

Data entries can be sorted ascending or descending.

Note the arrow in the table head indicates the sorting.

Calculations like count, sum or average can be applied (depending on field type).

Show and Hide Columns

Note that by default only the first 7 data fields of your table will be displayed in data view.

You can add or remove columns.

  • Click on the new tab and select “Edit columns” from the menu.
  • Click on fields on the left to hide them.
  • Drag & drop fields from the right to the left to show them.

To hide a column click on the name and choose “Hide Column” (No drag & drop here.):

Try this:

  • Hide all fields but city.
  • Drag and drop “State / Region”, “Country” and “Company” to the left.
  • Click “OK”.

The data view has changed. The data records have not changed.


A powerful feature is grouping of entries.

Lets try this: We want to know how many clients do we have in every single state.

  • Click on any table head and choose “Show Comumn”.
  • Choose “State / Region”.
  • Click on the column head of “State / Region”.
  • Select “Grouped” from the menu.
  • Click on the column head of “Id” and select “count”

The result will show you how many clients there are in each state.

Click on the arrow on the left to expand the group and see its content.


Here you can use different methods to wrangle your data. We only want to display US companies.

  • Click on any table head an choose “Show Comumn”.
  • Choose “State / Region”.
  • Click on the column head “Country”.
  • Click on Filter and type in “US”.

Create Views

Ninox comes with several functions to process and aggregate your data.

Start by a adding a new data view.

  • Click on the top tab “(all)” and select “New view” from the menu.
  • Choose a name suitable name e.g. “State / Region”.

Now you have a new data view called “State / Region”. It looks just as your first data view.

With Ninox you can create several data views on the same table to look at your data from different perspectives. Use re-arrange, show/hide comumns as described above to create customized views.