Relational Database

There is only one table (“Person”).

Open the database seen in first screenshot.

  • Lets add another table – click on “New Table”.
  • Add a new Table called “Books”, add fileds “Author” and “Title”.

Click “Save Changes” and see in the “Data model”-Tab:

  • Next we need a table “Readings”.
  • Create a select-type field “Rating” und a mulit-line Field “Notes”:

Relations and References

  • Click on “Create table reference” on the right.
  • Drag a reference to “Books” and “Persons” on to the “Fields”.

  • Select the form view of the table “Readings” an redesign it.

  • Like this:

The reference fields at the top.

Showing References

  • Cklick (in Admin Mode) on of the reference fields to change the display.

  • Select “Show as”

  • and type in this formula:“First Name” + ” ” + Last Name”

More References

Go to the table “Books”.

Here you’ll the reference to the “Reading” table.

Change the fields displayed in this reference-table.

So is looks something like this:

Formulars and References

Last thing we want to do is insert a formular field. It should refence the age of the person(s) having read the book and display the avarage age.

  • Click on “+ Field” ta add a formular field.
  • The visual formua editor lets you create the formula with drag&drop.

The new Field “avg Readers age” is diplayed.

Open Ninox-Database Tutorial Part 3 to see details.