Ninox Webinars

Build your knowledge of the Ninox platform and connect with our growing community by joining one of our weekly webinars.


Open Office Hour

During the "Open Office Hours" we would like to talk to our customers personally. You will get professional live support from our Ninox support team. We look at your challenges or problems with you and together we find solutions or ways to optimise your workflows. At the same time, we train you in the use of our Ninox platform.


Every Tuesday from 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM



NoCode & LowCode - the future of business automation! - How digitisation is changing your business

No-code & low-code software is currently experiencing a boom. More and more companies swear by this new, revolutionary method of app development, without any programming knowledge at all. We at Ninox firmly believe that the movement is only just beginning.Take part in our webinar and get an overview about the future of NoCode/LowCode from Forrester Senior Analyst John Bratincevic and see how the Ninox platform could help 2 totally different companies digitize their businesses.


17 February from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM

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