Want to use this to manage farm production


I'm considering shifting from spreadsheets to a database app to help me organize data on my farm. I want to be able to zoom out and view specific details about my operation. 

I"m currently trying to look at the following types of data:

- master list with information about each crop so I don't have to look it up at planting time

- list of planting dates, when planted, when plant comes up, etc.

- harvest information

- be able to view farm tasks in more of a report...for example, how many times did I weed a particular planting bed?

Does anybody have suggestions on what template would be a good starting point and whether I'd be able to accomplish this with minimal database experience?

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Hi Steph,


It appears that Ninox support is no longer participating in the Forum. You can contact them directly via email or you can register for their live webinars here: https://ninox.com/en/webinar. I don't know the templates very well, but I'm sure they would be happy to point you in the right direction.