Get started

Ninox provides powerful APIs to enable integration of Ninox with other services. The Ninox API requires a Ninox Cloud account, it will only work for Ninox Cloud databases.

There are three main ways to use the API.

  1. Zapier: With Zapier it's possible to connect Ninox with other popular services on the Internet just by drag & drop. 
  2. Ninox REST API: Other services can connect to Ninox by calling the Ninox REST API.
  3. Ninox REST Calls: Connect from Ninox to other services using built-in functions to call HTTP services.

Obtain an API Key

In order to use the Ninox API, you'll need an API Key. The API Key is a secret that is included in every HTTP request to the Ninox API. Make sure to handle the key with care - it gives read and write access to all your databases. 

Note: Do not include the key in client-side code. Attackers will be able to get access to the token, if it is included in any code that is executed at the client/web browser.

  1. Go to and sign in with your user email. 
  2. Click on </> API.
  3. Click on Create API Key.
  4. Copy the API Key to the clipboard.