Video Tutorials

Get started learning or build your knowledge of the Ninox platform with our easy-to-follow video tutorials.

Basic Tutorials

Our Basic tutorial videos provide fundamental knowledge and are an optimal orientation guide for those who are just starting with Ninox.

Tutorial #1
Creating a Database
Creating a Ninox database from scratch.
Tutorial #2
Table View
Visual customization of tables
Tutorial #3
Database Architecture (1:N)
Creating a table link in a one-to-many relationship.
Tutorial #4
Database Architecture (M:N)
Creating a table link in a many-to-many relationship.
Tutorial #4.1
About the composition, a special form of the 1:N relationship
Tutorial #5
Importing Data
How to import of information into Ninox
Tutorial #5.1
Importing Linked Data
Key field mechanism for linking tables
Tutorial #6
Exporting Data
Export databases and tables.
Tutorial #7
Basic scripting
Crash course on the basics of scripting.
Tutorial #8
Intro to Functions
Functions as basic building blocks of scripts.
Tutorial #9
Create a Print Layout
PDF creation and custom print layouts.
Tutorial #10
Sending Emails
Sending of emails in Ninox by scripting.
Tutorial #11
Exploring Fields
Field types and process automation.
Tutorial #12
Exploring elements
Know layout elements and improve user experience.
Tutorial #13
Visual presentation of tables

Intermediate Tutorials

Do you already know your way around Ninox? Then our Intermediate Video Tutorials are just what you need to take your database solution to the next level!

Tutorial #1
Find your ideal license.
Tutorial #2
User Roles
Assigning different user roles.
Tutorial #3
Switch Statement
Statement for automation of business processes.
Tutorial #4
If-Then-Else Statement
Part of conditional statements.
Tutorial #5
Select Statement
Statement to retrieve data.
Tutorial #6
Dynamic Choice
Create fully dynamic lists.
Tutorial #7
Writing code once, execute it many times.
Tutorial #8
Assign triggers on different levels.
Tutorial #9
Displaying numeric data.
Tutorial #10
Dashboards 1
First part of dashboards.
Tutorial #11
Dashboards 2
Second part of dashboards.

Advanced Tutorials

Unsere Basic Tutorial Videos vermitteln grundlegendes Wissen und sind eine optimale Orientierungshilfe für alle, die gerade erst mit Ninox starten.

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