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Ninox Cloud
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Ninox Cloud

Collaborate with your team from anywhere on any platforms
(excl. VAT) User/Month (billed annually)
  • Book up to 20 users via Cloud Self-Service
  • Cross platform & browser
  • Mobile use via the apps
  • GDPR compliant
  • Real-time synchronization
  • 2 GB per user
  • Unlimited number of databases
  • SSL / TLS encryption with 2048 bit


Automate business processes with the leading No-Code platform
  • Individual solutions for any number of users
  • Onboarding and implementation support
  • Preferred Support and dedicated Account Manager
  • Private Cloud and On-Premises options
  • Single Sign-ON (SSO)
  • Independent user management system
  • CI/CD Integration
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Branding
  • Payment by invoice
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Frequently asked questions

  • Number of licenses needed
      • How do I calculate the number of licenses needed for my Ninox Cloud subscription?
        • Each (invited) collaborator of a Ninox Cloud team needs a license, regardless of the role that collaborator has in your team.

          The collaborator of a team is covered by a subscription if

          • the collaborator has a license through the team owner's subscription (then that person is a member) or if
          • the collaborator has their own subscription (then that person is a contributor).

          For team owners, this means you do not need to purchase a license for contributors.

          Note: The team owner is the contractual partner of Ninox as well as a member.

      • What is the difference between a member and a contributor?
        • Different collaborators can work together in a team.

          There are 2 types of collaborators for this purpose:

          • members and
          • contributors.

          Licenses for members are paid by the team owner, while contributors pay for their own subscription.

          This distinction helps you manage your subscription and the licenses you need.

      • I need more licenses. What do I need to do?
        • By adding licenses to your current subscription, you book a new 1-year subscription for all licenses you need from now on. This way, all licenses end at the same time.

          The remaining time from the previous subscription, which has already been paid for, is going to be offset against the new subscription.

  • Adding or removing collaborators
      • How many collaborators can I invite to join my team?
        • You can invite as many collaborators to as many teams as you need. However, each collaborator must have a license, either through you and your subscription or through a license from their own subscription.

          This is independent of the user role, e.g., admin or editor, and the number of teams to which they are invited.

          You can invite as many additional contributors who have their own subscription as you like, as they are not counted towards the licenses of your subscription.

          Note: The team owner is considered a member of their team and also needs a license.

      • How do I buy additional licenses for an ongoing subscription?
        • Click “Upgrade subscription” in your Ninox team or settings and specify the additional number of team members required via “Upgrade.” Then invite members by clicking “Invite.”

      • How do I remove a collaborator from a team? How do I leave a team?
        • If you are the team owner or an admin of a team, click the name of the collaborator you wish to remove, next select “Remove from team” in the pop-up window.

          If you want to remove yourself from a team, click your name and select “Remove from team.” Alternatively, click the team name at the top, then click “Leave this team.”

      • I have my own subscription, what do I have to consider if I am invited by another team?
        • If you have purchased a subscription with 1 license for yourself, i.e., you are a team owner, you can be invited as a collaborator by as many other teams as you like without having to provide an extra license for you there.

  • Mac app
      • When do I need a subscription for my Mac app?
        • You need a subscription if you want to collaborate with others via the Ninox Cloud. The team owner buys the required number of licenses for their team.

          If you already have your own Ninox Cloud subscription, you can be invited to join a team without the team owner having to provide an extra license for you.

      • Do I need a Ninox Cloud subscription to use the Mac app?
        • No. If you buy the Mac app, you can fully use Ninox without a Ninox Cloud subscription. You can store your database locally on your Mac or in your iCloud to sync it on devices with the same Apple ID (iPhone, iPad and Mac app).

          To do so, save your databases in the “My databases” tab and select “iCloud” as the storage location. Then your databases will be displayed and automatically synchronized on all your devices in the respective Ninox app in the “My databases” tab.

          This does not require a subscription to the Ninox Cloud. You need a subscription to work together (in a team) via Ninox Cloud on the same databases.

      • If I decide to subscribe to Ninox Cloud, will I get the Mac app?
        • No, due to technical restrictions, we ask you to please both products separately.

  • Restricted access
      • I no longer have access to my Ninox Cloud team and the databases in it. What does this mean and do I regain access?
        • Probably your team has been blocked because your subscription has expired.

          Book a new subscription for the Ninox Cloud or update your current subscription and you will immediately regain access to your team.

          In case you are an invited collaborator only, please contact the team owner so that they can adjust their subscription accordingly.

          If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at

      • I have integrated Ninox via API and I no longer receive any current data, instead I only receive an error message. What do I have to do?
        • Most likely your team has been blocked because your subscription has expired.

          Please refer to the previous question “I no longer have access to my Ninox Cloud team and the databases in it. What does this mean and do I regain access?.”

      • I am a collaborator of a Ninox team, but not the team owner who pays for the subscription. Why do I need to pay for Ninox?
        • You only have to pay for teams of which you are the team owner.

          Possibly, this team is left over from a trial period.

          If you do not require that team any longer, delete it and ignore the payment reminder.

          If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at

      • I already purchased Ninox as a single user. Why do I receive payment reminders?
        • We remind team owners whose subscription is no longer active or whose free trial has expired. In either case, please book a subscription to continue using Ninox Cloud without restrictions.

          If you use Ninox as a single user in one of the Ninox apps (iOS or Android) locally on your devices and store your databases there (or synchronize via your iCloud, if applicable), no further action is required.

      • My free trial has expired, am I going to lose access to my data?
        • No, don’t worry, we’re going to keep your data for about 30 days after your trial has ended.

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