We are Ninox

We make digitization easy — for everyone.

Flexibility Is the new now

Static software once upon a time. The need for tools that adapt more and more specifically to our needs is growing. Ninox is a low-code platform that enables teams around the world to digitize their business processes on their own. With us, you can develop flexible applications for your business — and best of all, you don't need a single line of code.

Cooperation We write a capital letter

The focus is on our users

We make it possible to create clear applications, provide guidance where needed — but above all, we want to give room for ideas.

Risk! Do we like to go

... when it is data-based and well thought-out. If something doesn't work, then we learn, get better, look ahead.

Customer needs come first

We love our community. That is why we listen carefully, try to understand where the shoe hurts and then develop suitable solutions.

Get involved, your vote counts

We work together, responsibly and professionally to make Ninox successful. We work on equal terms and implement decisions quickly.

Our support is excellent

Our support is there when things get tight. It is not without reason that our support is one of the best in the industry.

We focus on diversity

Ninox was founded in Berlin, where we live internationality and tolerance. Low-code enthusiasts from many countries contribute to our success.

Ninox in numbers

>100 partner companies
> 6,000 customers
>70 team members
+1 dog

Our management

Portrait Daniel Kronberger, CFO von Ninox

Daniel Kronberger


Portrait Frank Böhmer, Gründer und CEO von Ninox

Frank Böhmer

CEO and Founder

Our company history

The cumbersome handling of inflexible software and the costly, time-consuming development of applications motivated Frank Böhmer as IT project manager to go his own way.

Ninox has become a successful SaaS platform that enables companies of all sizes to quickly build custom applications for specific needs. From individual users to large companies, thousands of people all over the world are digitizing their work processes with Ninox.

We are happy to continue this process with new ideas!

And that's just the start!

More than 6,000 customers work with Ninox. And we have moved into a new office in Berlin-Mitte... the coffee is better there


Overall rebrand: new logo, new website and new app design


Completion of a crowdfunding campaign in just 22 hours, the fastest crowdfunding campaign in Germany at this time


Ninox for team players: Ninox Cloud launch


Ninox is available for iPad, iPhone and Mac


Ninox is founded



Ninox was founded


Ninox works on iPad, iPhone, and Mac


Ninox for Team Players: Launch of Ninox Cloud


Completion of a crowdfunding campaign in 22 hours, making it the fastest completed crowdfunding campaign in Germany at that time


Launch of overall rebranding: new logo, brand guidelines, website and app design


Move into a new office in Berlin-Mitte... where the coffee is better

And we're just getting started

Be a part of the team!

We're passionate about making the world a better place through great software.
Help us digitize the world!

Eine Ninox-Mitarbeiterin, die glücklich in die Kamera lächelt