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Digitalisation plays a central role in the real estate industry. Whether you own, manage, or develop real estate, you benefit from increased efficiency and transparency through digital platforms. With Ninox, you have a framework to set up database solutions easily, quickly, efficiently and without programming knowledge, and are therefore able to process your business processes faster and more networked.

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You can create forms, reports, and evaluations simply by dragging and dropping.

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No communication overheads: all employees are always up to date on the latest information.

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Meter reading management in the housing industry
Managing meter readings in the housing industry

The Stuttgart Housing Association SWSG records meter readings for 18,000 flats with Ninox

Industry solution for real estate agents
A flexible solution with room to adapt

Real estate management company monappimo brings their app to life with the support of Ninox

Optimising processes in real estate management
Optimising processes in real estate management

Real estate management company ORE-M re-organised itself with Ninox - and now works better than ever

Ninox runs online and offline on any device

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Ninox solutions for the real estate industry

Digitalisation for Real Estate 4.0

Whether a real estate agent, developer, or manager, housing company, or facility management: the business models of the real estate industry are usually long-term, but require a high degree of flexibility. Economic and social developments bring about changing needs and constantly require new utilisation and service concepts as well as the addressing of new target groups. The broader a company in the real estate industry is positioned, the more resilient it is. However, the more diverse they become, so too are the tasks and business processes. Digitalisation is therefore also and especially an important topic in the real estate industry. However, it is not enough to scan tenancy agreements, keep Excel spreadsheets and exchange data by email. Digitisation means optimising business processes and handling them as efficiently as possible with suitable software. Although there are numerous industry solutions, including CRM and ERP systems for real estate companies, they are mostly not only expensive, but also inflexible and require major compromises that cancel out efficiency in everyday work.

With Ninox, your real estate software runs fro, wherever you and your team work: at office workstations, at home, and even with mobile devices on the road during on-site appointments with owners, tenants, or tradesmen. With regular collaboration, you can even include your customers in your Ninox solution, make communication and data exchange much more efficient, and save yourself some on-site appointments. This not only saves you valuable time and costs, but does the same for your customers and business partners.

Data at any time and any place

Map complex processes simply with Ninox
Mobile and cross-platform working

With Ninox, your real estate software runs wherever you and your team work. This means that order and client-related information or digital patient files can be used both in the office and with a mobile device by the nurse on site.

A solution for all areas

With Ninox, you can digitise almost all business processes, from master data management to project management and tracking time. Real estate agents conveniently manage and match properties, sellers and buying interests, determine commissions and create invoices. Facility managers and housing associations look after building users, organise vacancy management and parking space management, receive damage reports, and commission craftsmen with repairs. Property managers are the contact for tenants and owners, take care of maintenance, prepare service charge statements and document tenants' or owners' meetings. To name just a few examples. Ninox can help you with all of this, either in partial areas or as a complete solution.

Digital workflows instead of paperwork

With Ninox, vague and inefficient processes, untraceable information, and overflowing email inboxes are a thing of the past. All data is centrally stored, always kept up-to-date, and can be accessed by everyone involved at any time and in any place. Replace paper receipts and Excel spreadsheets with modern, future-proof solutions, and never again waste time and money on services that are not recorded, incorrectly assigned, or falsely documented.

Software development without programming knowledge

You don't need programming skills or further IT investments to start with Ninox immediately and digitise your business processes according to your own ideas. Start with a subtask and expand your solution step-by-step via no-code to individual construction software, while already using the existing functions. Involve your employees in the development process and implement their feedback immediately. For more complex automation and integrations of external data sources, the Ninox API and a low-code scripting language are also available.

Professional and individual support

We will be around. If you need support or have questions, you can always turn to the Ninox Customer Success team with confidence right from the start. With our certified project partners, qualified service providers are also here for you, who can accompany you on the path to digitalisation with industry-specific know-how and extensive Ninox experience on request. With selective assistance or ready-made, customised software solutions. Either way, with Ninox, you always have a competent contact partner when needed.

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