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The construction industry relies on Ninox

Everything in view at all times - room by room

Many contractors, architects, planners and also property managers still work with pen and paper on the construction site - or use isolated solutions that are not compatible with each other. This is not only susceptible to errors, but above all time-consuming and costly. Instead, well-known companies from the industry work more efficiently and digitally throughout with Ninox, a low-code software that can be easily adapted to your needs and your processes.

Gapless protocols

You document the daily construction progress in a comprehensible way - digitally, quickly & easily.

Successful construction projects

You identify construction delays or delivery bottlenecks and have transparency about change requests and agreements.

Efficient cooperation

Clearly defined goals - visible to everybody at any time. Send protocols to all participants at the push of a button.

Missed a webinar?

Mann prüft eine Metallprodukt in der Fertigung

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In this webinar, you will learn, using examples from everyday manufacturing, how you can automate processes quickly and easily with a flexible, customized MES solution based on Ninox.

This is what you will learn in this webinar:

  • Clear dashboard for Order preparation and control center
  • replacement of manual processes in detailed planning
  • Better Predictability in the supply chain

Paperless on the construction site

Ninox offers templates for construction files, deficiency reports, project management and many other use cases in the construction industry.

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