Reliable risk management

Automate and keep records of legal and regulatory compliance processes in one central platform — digitally, efficiently, securely and in real time.

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Take Control: Digitally design occupational health and safety, risk management, compliance and sustainability management with Ninox. Adapt the cloud-based low-code platform to your requirements - fast and with great flexibility. Master all aspects of legal regulations and compliant requirements and approvals with Ninox, visualise hazard classes and protective measures, or use the inspection book to comply with regulations and coordinate responsibilities.

Linked data

Increase data quality, keep data up to date and provide clear key performance indicator reports to make better decisions.

Central records

Bring all HSEQ and ESG stakeholders together in one central system for optimal workflows.

A knowledge database

Document processes such as the handling of hazardous substances and operate risk management in an adaptive knowledge database.

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Mann prüft eine Metallprodukt in der Fertigung

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In this webinar, you will learn, using examples from everyday manufacturing, how you can automate processes quickly and easily with a flexible, customized MES solution based on Ninox.

This is what you will learn in this webinar:

  • Clear dashboard for Order preparation and control center
  • replacement of manual processes in detailed planning
  • Better Predictability in the supply chain

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Start now with templates: With just a few clicks, you can flexibly adapt your forms, views or diagrams to your requirements and create a customized solution for your company.

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