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With Ninox, we didn't have to make any compromises. Our solution is more comprehensive than we thought it was possible—and we continue to develop.
Jonas Schmelzer
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We have greatly simplified the way we work in sales, reduced costs, and cut administrative work by more than half.
Tim Güldenpfennig
Digital Solutions Berlin develops cross-platform sales solutions for indoor and field service
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Complex search and filter processes took 20 minutes in Excel spreadsheets. With Ninox, they now only take 2 minutes.
Patrick Rumo
A data service provider for TV and radio replaces Excel lists with a central Ninox database
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Ninox is a rare quality of product and an amazing piece of software.
Maxyan Chassagnard
TKM International Consulting uses Ninox software to scale its corporate processes to its clients' needs
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Before we had even explained what we wanted to an external developer, we had already found a solution with Ninox.
Peter Fazekas
KAMPA expects a 30% increase in project management efficiency after changing from Excel to Ninox
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What I found most impressive was the transformation of an empty Ninox database into a full-featured ERP system for crafts
Fabian Glanz
Innovative craft business digitizes all its processes in customized software
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I had no idea how powerful Ninox was, it has transformed the way I run my business and my personal life.
Cynthia Pinsonnault
Marketing agency gives up three spreadsheets and software to reduce costs by switching to Ninox.
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Ninox allowed us to take ideas from our team and convert them into effective solutions for our customers.
Quinton GoForth
Time-consuming spreadsheets urgently needed replacing with a simple, effective solution from Ninox.
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All our clients have noticed a marked improvement in all areas of our services provided. - Thank you Ninox!
Yorick van der Walt
Digitization all the way with Ninox: MMB Surfacing, how a road surfacing company became paperless
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The quality of the product, the speed of the solution, and the price of all this makes Ninox a completely unique solution on the market.
Phillippe Delagneau
Software company brings their app to life with the support of Ninox
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With Ninox, we finally understood what digitalization actually means for the first time.
Lucas Falter
A real estate management company re-organised itself with Ninox - and now works better than ever
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We wanted to replace paper and have a more flexible meter reading management system. Ninox solved both problems.
Oliver Pastor
The Stuttgart Housing Association (SWSG) records meter readings for 18,000 flats with Ninox
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I could easily learn how to relate my data, write functions, and create business processes. Soon, ideas from my mind were live in Ninox.
Kerstin Langdon
Luxury yacht building company found a customisable solution to cater to diverse customer needs
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The interaction of Ninox and XETICS opens up completely new perspectives in digitalisation and automation for production companies.
Dr.-Ing. Philipp Dreiß
Together, Ninox and XETICS LEAN map the processes from offer to production through to delivery
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With our needs in mind, we searched for a solution that contributes to data quality and time optimisation. This was found with Ninox.
Tjeerd Kooy
A climate-focused organisation needs a smart solution to manage data
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We wanted a lean, flexible software without the ballast of common industry solutions. One that we could tailor to our individual needs right from the start.
Anne Schwanz
We wanted a lean, flexible software without the ballast of common industry solutions.
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The folks at Nioxus are high-calibre individuals who were able to tackle all of the issues that we had to resolve with our new solution.
Kevin Deely
Hospitality manufacturer & distributor develops business management solution with Ninox
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Ninox not only helps us to map our processes, but also to constantly rethink and optimize them.
Stefan Nagel
Excel was okay in the beginning, but as our business scaled, the workload increased exponentially.
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Ninox helps us to meet our customers' expectations of speed and customer proximity.
Alexandra Knauer
Ninox helps us to meet our customers' expectations of speed and customer proximity.
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We love that Ninox is user-friendly and so highly customisable!
Tiffany Hayes
An ecommerce company revolutionised their order workflow with Ninox
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Ninox has allowed me to make my business mobile. I can now do what I need, from wherever I am! We’re really excited by the potential development Ninox can offer. Eventually we will create a system which also sends automated email reminders to our customers to advise them of upcoming renewals as well!
Jeremy Tagg
Ninox improves Service, Sales and Satisfaction for Elite Plumbing and Heating
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Ninox, paired with Nioxus’ products, allows all the i’s to be dotted and t’s crossed. Whether I have 2 or 200 clients, it meets my needs.
Mark Brown
A QME processing company develops a CRM Solution with Ninox and Nioxus.
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Although we have only been using Ninox for a short time, we are already much faster and more effective than before
Marc Mößmer
With our Ninox solution, we save about 20 labor hours a week on administration.
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The Ninox database is the digital legacy of the board - and a good start for successors.
Thomas Schmitz
An energy cooperative focuses on sustainability - as well as the digitisation of its processes
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With Ninox on iPad we can track metrics of over 600 children much more effectively. It enables us to identify children and their caretakers with a photo.
Dr. Arie Glas
Digital Transformation: Ninox delivers Electronic Health Records for Mulanje Hospital
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Changing familiar ways of working is always tricky. But with Ninox, the staff got along very well right from the start.
Toni Mietzner
Renowned architecture firm replaces established groupware with a customised Ninox solution
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Ninox helps a one-man operation move from simple blog to dynamic solution. It's not a database to me but a full content management platform.
Wynand Goosen
EV information site steps their data and infrastructure up a notch with Ninox
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With Ninox, we have transformed to working 100% paper-free.
Viktor Wiebe
After bad experiences with tradesmen software, a master roofer now relies on Ninox
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With Ninox, our employees are finally able to create their own solutions for their projects without programming knowledge.
Thomas Albinger
The employees of an engineering firm develop their own solution for their projects via low code
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With Ninox by our side, we are never distracted from the key to our success – innovations that put people and their abilities first.
Torild Carlsson
Research and development partner seeks a seamless transition to a more powerful solution
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With Ninox and eco COMPLIANCE, all representatives could concentrate on the legislation that affects them.
Lays Dal Santo Francisco
thyssenkrupp operates a cross-site legal register with Ninox Cloud and eco COMPLIANCE
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With Ninox, data retrieval is easy. All information is in one place, so employees can work on the latest data from different locations.
Martin Baeuerle
International multi-disciplinary consultancy boosts data maintenance and admin efficiency with Ninox
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The best thing about Ninox is that you can start small and evolve your solution as needed.
Florian Wisser
Traditional brewery replaces paper forms and Excel spreadsheets with customised Ninox solution
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We don't do anything different with Ninox than we did before. We just make it faster, more flexible, and more convenient.
Bernd Wilmink
Foundation for people with disabilities develops a solution for administration and documentation
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Ninox can create anything you have in your mind, and with the expertise and powerful reporting tools of Nioxus, that can be made into reality.
Andrea Mascheroni
Performance marketing company develops CRM solution, with robust reporting tool with Ninox
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Without Ninox, we would never have been able to organise our growth so well.
Jochen Guther
Leading German system integrator switches its contract management from Excel to Ninox
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We were real Excel addicts. Now we are die-hard Ninox fans.
Anica Juch
Nationwide specialist for photovoltaic systems manages its construction projects with Ninox
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We have an all-in-one package that is unique in Belgium and this for a good price. It's also easy to expand with new features in the future.
Dirk Laga
From a clunky system to a streamlined solution, Lange Neile gets unique and personalised software
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We think it's great to be able to implement new ideas and requirements ourselves. And if we get stuck, Ninox support is there to help.
Johanna Neuschaeffer
Two experienced gallery owners reinvent the gallery - and also breaking new ground with software
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Using Ninox means that I know I’m looking at the latest information. I don't have to worry about using old data or missing data.
Rashpal Dhaliwal
Consulting company, Aretex Group, replaces spreadsheets to improve efficiency and reduce errors
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Ninox took everything and put it in one place. Nioxus and ReportsPLUS elevated that experience, making our business run much smoother.
Nick Massie
Construction company develops a solution for project management and admin with Ninox
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We now have a single, easy-to-use system globally. Our CRM system provides a translated user interface for each location.
Mar Noordhoek
A new system boosts customer relationships for a hydraulic tools company
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Ninox has significantly improved the efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of research data collection, analysis, and documentation.
Dr. Markus Aswendt
A University of Cologne research group organises everyday routines with the database from Berlin
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Data protection is 80% common sense. Ninox does the rest.
Falk Schmidt
Low-code combines software development with technical expertise in data protection
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Thanks to Ninox, the response rate to client surveys has increased by 100% and the effort required to process them has decreased significantly.
Peter von der Ahé
Personnel service company automates its customer satisfaction feedback processes with Ninox.
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With Ninox, we can do everything we failed to do with other tools.
Benedikt Daschner
Start-up for personalized chocolate products relies on Ninox for CRM and order management
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Thanks to Ninox, I can now fully focus on the profitable processes in my business.
Reiner Sanders
Self-employed expert for security technology replaces Office software with his own low-code solution
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The Excel lists were replaced by Ninox in just two days. This has greatly accelerated our processes.
Ina Kohls-Krüger
Home staging service provider discards Excel as planning tool and develops its own solution with Ninox
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With Ninox, every product used for treatment is immediately assigned to the patient. This means that nothing is forgotten during billing.
Dr. Stefan Philipp
A private clinic develops its own solution for managing medications and materials with Ninox.
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A big advantage of Ninox is the short learning curve. You just start and get results very quickly.
Ralf Duggen
Organizers of a traditional music festival replace Filemaker and Excel with Ninox
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Ninox offers us quick, easy access to exactly those features that we really need as a law firm in our everyday work.
Antonio Calderón
Law firm rejects established industry solutions in favor of Ninox
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For us, Ninox is frontend, backend, and middleware at the same time – and is therefore at the center when digitalizing our processes.
Wolfgang Bangert
How a printing company digitalizes processes with Ninox and also creates added value for its customers
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Our employees also quickly recognized the benefits of the Ninox solution and only required a short learning curve in order to be able to use it.
Dr. Martin Haberl
Institute for Quality Assurance in Road Construction replaces clipboards and Excel with tablets and Ninox
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The more I look into the possibilities offered by Ninox, the more excited I get. Big thumbs-up!
Dr. Reinhard Herold
German Psychoanalytical Association replaces Excel, Access and Co with a low-code solution
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Thanks to Ninox, the paper chaos as well as erroneous and untraceable information finally belong to the past.
Stefan Hoffmann
Long-established family business replaces paper documents and Excel lists with Ninox solution
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So far, I've not encountered any problems that I couldn't solve with Ninox.
Thomas Vahldieck
Private psychosomatic clinic in the Black Forest looks for a management solution – and finds Ninox
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With Ninox, the time spent on administration per test person was successfully reduced by about 40 to 50 percent.
Patrik Ronschke
Workers’ Samaritan Federation discards Excel and optimizes the organization of several centers with Ninox
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We couldn?t do without Ninox any more. Our entire company is now built on it.
Tibor Ambrus
60-year-old haulage company enters a new era with Ninox
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We are all connected. To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.
Ralf Spaceman
Hobby photographer organizes his voluntary competition and association activities with Ninox.
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Changing over from paper-based order books to computers was easier than expected. Ninox makes our work much easier.
Karola Rost
Floristry business offers a wide range of services and organizes its diverse processes with Ninox
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With Ninox, I've finally found a solution for my very individual processes and diverse products.
Sven Gericke
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