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Our customers get to their own business application in just a few steps. Even complex projects are completed quickly, often in just a few weeks.

When it comes to digitalizing processes, two aspects quickly move to the focus: How much will it cost and how fast will it perform operationally? Ninox convinces with speed and cost efficiency.
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Automation has never been so easy!

We could list pages and pages of what makes Ninox so special, but it's best if you see for yourself and set up your free test account right away. Because data management has never been so easy:

Create your first database: you can use our templates for this or create your own tables and import data.

Connect your spreadsheets and data with information from other departments to automate entire processes.

Share and analyze data with your team, create reports, set individual permissions for all users, or make adjustments on your own without involving IT or outside consultants.

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Complex projects?
We are happy to help!

With Ninox, you get a low-code-platform that allows you to digitalize, connect and optimize a wide range of business areas.

Depending on the complexity of your project, it may be advisable to let our experienced partners take you by the hand. For example, when it comes to implementing interfaces to connect third-party-systems.

We help you find the right partner. Our experts and partners are familiar with both the organizational and technical mapping of processes. We are happy to help you increase the efficiency of your team.

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Bei Bedarf beraten lassen

With Ninox, our employees are finally able to create their own solutions for their projects without programming knowledge.
Managing Director
Thomas Albinger

Von der Kundenanfrage bis zur PV-Installation

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Kundenmanagement (CRM)

Erfassen Sie Leads im Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) durch unzählige Schnittstellen – beispielsweise über das Kontaktformular auf Ihrer Website.


Nehmen Sie Aufträge mithilfe digitaler Erfassungsbögen auf, um wichtige Parameter wie Stromverbrauch, Messkonzept oder Informationen zum Zählerschrank zentral abzuspeichern.

Angebote und Abwicklung

Erstellen Sie im Handumdrehen Angebote als PDF-Dokument sowie eine Amortisationsprognose für neue Solaranlagen. Profitieren Sie außerdem von digitalen Checklisten, die den Abwicklungsprozess skizzieren.

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