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Our customers can create their own business application in just a few steps. Even complex projects are carried out quickly, often in just a few weeks.

When it comes to digitizing processes, two aspects quickly come to the fore: How much will it cost and how fast will it be operational? Ninox impresses with speed and cost efficiency.

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We could now list for you what makes Ninox so special, but it's best to see for yourself and set up your free trial account right away. Because data management has never been easier:

Create your first database: In return, you can use our templates use or create your own tables and import data.

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Share and analyze data with your team, create reports, define individual rights for all users or make adjustments independently without involving IT or external consultants.

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With Ninox, you get a Low-code platform, with which you can digitize, connect and optimize a wide variety of areas of your company.

Depending on the complexity of your project, it may be advisable to let our experienced partners help you. For example, when it comes to implementing interfaces to Connect third-party systems.

We'll help you with the finding the right partner. Our experts and partners are familiar with both the organizational and technical presentation of processes. Let us help you make your team more efficient.


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With Ninox, our employees are finally able to create their own solutions for their projects without programming knowledge.
Thomas Albinger

From customer enquiry to PV installation

Customer management (CRM)

Capture leads in customer relationship management (CRM) through countless interfaces — for example via the contact form on your website.

Project management

Record orders using digital registration forms to centrally store important parameters such as power consumption, measurement concept or meter cabinet information.

Offers and processing

Create offers as a PDF document and a payback forecast for new solar systems in no time at all. You can also benefit from digital checklists that outline the settlement process.

Build exactly what you need — nothing more, nothing less.