Ninox CRM

The flexible and individual customizable solution for your business.

Discover the perfect solution for customer management, offers, writing invoices and more. Thanks to low-code and relevant interfaces, the modular platform easily fits to your processes.

Successful Customer Management

CRM - Problem Section

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Customer Data Base

Ninox CRM makes your daily work more efficient, so you can focus on what's important: your customers. Gain valuable time by automating data entry and use it to devote more time to customer relations. Thanks to dashboards and reports you’ll always be able to have a quick overview.

Central Customer Data Base

Create a common database for all departments and a secure place for your customer data.

Lead Management

Focus your sales activities on the leads with the highest likelihood of success.

Task Management

Coordinate and manage your team efficiently and in the best interest of the customer.

ipad zeigt das ninox crm dahsboard

Support Process

Optimise your customer relations with Ninox CRM. Respond faster to inquiries and create custom tailored offers in the shortest possible time, send your invoices on time and manage your liquidity — all on a single platform.

Respond to inquiries quickly

Handle customer inquiries and open topics quickly and efficiently. Use templates and involve your team as needed.

Precisely tailored quote configuration

Create timely, detailed quotes for your customers that leave no room for doubt.

Legally compliant invoices

Create and send your invoices with just one click of your mouse and benefit from structured filing and documentation.



Ninox CRM provides relevant interfaces that support efficient and complete digital business processes: Sending offers to your customers by email is no problem. Sending invoices to your tax advisor at the push of a button is no problem either.

Emails in Ninox

You will retain an overview of all customer communication. Emails are filed in the right context and are sent directly from Ninox CRM.


Transfer your digital receipts, invoice and bank data from Ninox CRM easily and conveniently to DATEV Unternehmen Online and to your tax advisor.


Thanks to its modular structure, Ninox CRM can be linked to other Ninox databases. For example, you can check your inventory before sending a customer an offer.

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A CRM tailored exactly for you

With Ninox CRM you benefit from the modular basis of a professional customer management solution. Save time, money and resources by relying on our proven and efficient low-code technology.

Flexibility without compromise

Why choose between "make or buy"? You get a predefined basis that you can quickly customize and further develop to your individual requirements.

100% efficiency

Implementation is completed in just a few days. So you get faster results with minimal programming effort.


Further development and integration of new functions can be easily achieved. Linking with other Ninox databases also enables a holistic solution.

Ninox CRM: Superpower for all industries

Energy & Supply

Manufacturing & Industry

Construction & Real Estate

Get to know Ninox CRM

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Are you in search of a CRM system that is specifically tailored to the needs and processes of small and medium-sized companies?

With Ninox CRM you get a comprehensive solution for acquisition, support and retention of customers, as well as for downstream processes in the area of internal sales and finance.

Rely on a platform that has already proven itself with more than 6,000 customers and that allows you to get started quickly, while at the same time being flexible enough to meet your individual needs.

  • Short implementation time
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible & customizable

Available for Ninox Enterprise customers

Ninox CRM is deployed in the Ninox Private Cloud and is suitable for organizations with specific feature requirements and additional security requirements.