Ninox complies with the GDPR.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) places high demands on how we, as a service provider, handle your data. We don't just see this as an obligation. Privacy and data security are an integral part of the Ninox philosophy. When you choose Ninox Cloud, your data is as safe as in your own data center.

Order data processing

There are legally valid contracts for GDPR-compliant order data processing (ADV) with all hosting and technology partners. As your order processor, we will, of course, confirm compliance with the GDPR with an AVV.

Request your order processing contract (AVV) from us here.

You're in control

Ninox offers you features for securely handling the personal data of your customers, employees and business partners:

  • Control data access in detail via roles and rights.
  • Use the history to check all data changes.
  • You can also back up your Ninox databases locally with the click of a mouse.

Safety built in

At Ninox, data protection starts with the design and implementation of technical processes with regard to data protection, data security — and data economy. This means that every member of your Ninox cloud team only needs a valid email address to sign up. No further data is required. In addition, Ninox also supports you in handling personal data in accordance with the GDPR in your area of responsibility.

Ready for anything

The GDPR requires you to provide information about personal data. With Ninox Cloud, you are prepared for the corresponding inquiries:

  • Use the global search to find all data about the person concerned.
  • Follow up on the changes you have made using the log.
  • If you wish, delete the relevant data with two mouse clicks.

As you can see, by choosing Ninox, you are acting in full compliance with GDPR and taking advantage of all the benefits of networked, location-independent and platform-independent work.

You can test Ninox free of charge for 30 days here.

Do they have any questions?

If you have any further questions about GDPR, data protection and security, we will be happy to answer them at any time.

Our privacy policy can be found here.