Ninox is GDPR compliant.

GDPR enforces strong requirements on how we as a service provider handle your data. We take this not only as an obligation. Privacy and data security are an integral part of the Ninox philosophy. By chosing Ninox Cloud, you can be sure your data is as safe as if you would host it in your own data center.

Data Processing Agreement

We have legal contracts with all hosting and technical partners for GDPR compliant data processing (DPA). And, of course, as your contract processor, we confirm compliance with the GDPR with an ADV contract.

Request a data processing agreement (DPA)

Privacy by Design

At Ninox, data protection begins with the design and implementation of technical processes with regard to data protection, data security and economical use of data. Each member of your Ninox Cloud team needs only a valid e-mail address to register. No additional information is required. Furthermore, Ninox also assists you in the GDPR-compliant handling of personally-identifiable information in your area of responsibility.

You are in control.

At Ninox, we offer you a comprehensive range of features for the secure handling of your customers', employees' and business partners' personal data:

  • Control data access using roles and rights.
  • Monitor all changes to the data using the historical data log.
  • Back up your Ninox databases locally with a click of the mouse.

Prepared for anything

GDPR obliges you to provide details of personal data. With Ninox Cloud you are well-prepared for such enquiries:

  • Find all the required data of the person concerned with the global search.
  • Make changes based on the logging.
  • If required, delete the concerned data with two mouse clicks.

As you can see: When you choose Ninox, you are acting in full compliance with GDPR regulations and benefiting from all the advantages of collaborative, location- and platform-independent work. Here you can test Ninox free of charge for 30 days.

Here you can test Ninox free of charge for 30 days.

Do you have questions?

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding GDPR, privacy or security related topics. We will be pleased to answer your queries at any time.

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