Customer Reviews

Many thousands of companies of all sizes and industries use Ninox to digitize their workflows.
At this point we would like to let our customers speak. Find out directly from them how satisfied they are with our software and how they use Ninox. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, therefore our sales & support staff is always available for you before and after the purchase.
4.7 / 5
"Ninox - simplest and most flexible database that I know."
Nathalie K.
Artist Management & Coorporation Affairs
"Ninox Database is indispensable to my organisation and keeps getting better."
Yorick W.
4.7 / 5
"Full featured and friendly"
James S.
Small Business
"Stand-alone, Multi-User, iCloud, Cloud, Private / On prem .. offline sync... It has it ALL"
Mike C.
Information Technology and Services
4.8 / 5
"Amazing software, great customer service."
Information Technology and Services
Large Enterprise
"Ninox is an absolute boost for everyone with a small business and even more than a simple database."
Professional services
Small Business
3.8 / 5
"The potential of this database is amazing"
Toby Baillon
"The best I've tried out"
Otoniel R.
4.4 / 5
"The BEST Database, look no further."
"I have been looking for an app like this for years. Far more than I expected."
4.8 / 5
"Life changing :-)"
John H.
Nonprofit Organization
"Fantastic experience - Great software and amazing customer service"
Julian B.
Music Industry
Small Business

More than 300,000 users run on Ninox - so can you.