Ninox introduces flexible CRM for SMEs based on low code

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We are proud to set a milestone in the world of business applications with the launch of Ninox CRM, Thanks to low-code, the flexible and individually customisable complete solution allows the continuous digitisation of processes on a single platform.

What is Ninox CRM?

With the aim of supporting mid-sized companies on their way to digitalization, Ninox launches an advanced all-in-one solution from October 2023 that covers the entire customer management cycle - from the first interaction to the receipt of payment: Ninox CRM.

Ninox CRM is designed to simplify all business-critical workflows in the customer relationship and to collect information in a structured and consinstent manner: managing customer data, handling customer requests and orders, quoting and invoicing, and receiving payment. Ninox CRM integrates seamlessly with other systems, such as the accounting software DATEV Unternehmen Online. This ensures that data is always up-to-date and summarized in configurable dashboards.

Why Ninox CRM?

Unlike existing CRM offerings, Ninox CRM is entirely based on low code technology. Configuration and source code of the business logic are freely accessible and can be easily customized and extended. More than 150 Ninox partners are ready to help customers integrate Ninox CRM into existing IT environments.

Daniel Kronberger, CFO of Ninox, comments:

“With Ninox CRM we address common problems in SMBs: incomplete or outdated data due to interrupted digital process chains and isolated applications. With Ninox CRM, companies can digitize core processes efficiently and across departments”.

“Instead of just talking about digitization, we deliver solutions that SMBs really need – focused on what is necessary, flexible and powerful. Our unique low-code approach enables us to do what off-the-shelf products cannot: tailor to the specific needs of each individual business”. Adds Frank Böhmer, founder and CEO of Ninox.

Modular solutions for SMB processes

Ninox CRM is an integral part of the company's product strategy. Frank Böhmer explains: “Ninox already plays a central role in many SMBs that use our product to map business-critical processes. Now we are developing Ninox into a modular platform for ERP solutions”.

In doing so, Ninox remains true to its core principle of low code development, emphasizing that customers and partners can customize Ninox with minimal effort. Further specialized solutions, including an HR module, are already in the works. The company is also working on expanding its partner network and further internationalization.

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