Benefits of low-code for companies

You too can benefit from Ninox's low-code technology.

Lower costs

Faster and more cost-effective development — you use IT resources more efficiently.

Quick implementation

Ideas and requirements are implemented in record time.

Flexible scaling

Easy development and integration into other systems thanks to connectors and APIs.

Quick innovation

Overcoming barriers between IT and business areas for more innovation.

Business process know-how

Hard code

Created with code


Flowchart and scripting
Drag & drop


Created with clicks

Technical expertise

The future is low-code

Describe low-codet a software development methodology with a small amount of manually created code — hence the term”low”. Users use it to develop new functions and applications using prefabricated software components and visual design elements.

Users without a technical background and without programming knowledge benefit from No-Code and work comfortably with visual tools. Per drag-and-drop Customize features and build new applications without writing a single line of code.

Companies save time and money and enjoy fast and qualitative results: According to estimates, low-code development is 10 times faster and significantly less expensive than development with traditional programming. Creating an application for over 500 users takes no longer than 21 days.

Find your own solution faster

Develop your own convincing applications and comprehensively digitize work processes? This is possible with Ninox thanks to low-code technology.

The technology of Ninox builds the bridge between business requirements and ease of use.
All users, including non-developers, become”Citizen Developer“: They contribute their expertise directly to the development of the application. They must Don't wait for free IT resources and are no longer dependent on the correct interpretation of their requirements.

21 days

It takes an average of time to create a low-code application for >500 users*

* IDC EMEA Low-Code Development Platform Survey, InfoBrief 2021

Simplify development with low-code

Empower your teams to efficiently develop custom applications — with Ninox, the low-code platform from Germany.

The added value of no-code/low-code for companies is enormous, as both business users and professional developers are able to create or improve tailor-made solutions faster. You can use your IT resources more efficiently and avoid isolated solutions, interrupted processes, and information silos.

Before we explained exactly what we wanted to an external software developer, we solved the problem ourselves with Ninox.
Peter Fazekas
Technical Division Manager

From customer enquiry to PV installation

Customer management (CRM)

Capture leads in customer relationship management (CRM) through countless interfaces — for example via the contact form on your website.

Project management

Record orders using digital registration forms to centrally store important parameters such as power consumption, measurement concept or meter cabinet information.

Offers and processing

Create offers as a PDF document and a payback forecast for new solar systems in no time at all. You can also benefit from digital checklists that outline the settlement process.

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