Integrate your workflow

Connect to existing systems to automate workflows thanks to Ninox connectors and APIs

Quick app connections


Whether Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Airtable, Slack or Salesforce, with the Zapier connection you have access to almost any service - you click together simple automations in just a few steps.


Automate complex workflows with multiple steps and data sources? Ninox offers direct connection with Make (formerly Integromat).

APIs: Full flexibility for developers

Ninox is much more than just no-code, but a complete application platform. Developers access every detail of your databases via the API and can thus connect any system directly to Ninox.

Ninox relies on HTTP/REST or the JSON format for data exchange. Ninox APIs allow reading and writing data, complex queries and execution of scripts in Ninox programming language.

API tokens and role assignment ensure that access is controlled.

Data import/export

Data import and export of tables and views is part of the standard repertoire. Ninox's strength lies in the details: support of all possible formats when exchanging text/CSV files saves a lot of work and time.

Embed live views directly

Share any set of data as a view with other users and applications: This really makes integration a breeze, because Ninox supports all common data formats:

Share views


You can easily embed HTML directly into your web page as an IFrame.


PDF sharing is perfect for emailing.


Views that you share as XLSX files not only allow your colleagues to see the current data status at any time. You can also easily integrate this share link into your reporting solution such as PowerBI.


The classic for data exchange: Ninox supports all common CSV formats. Whether separated by tab, comma or semicolon, encoding of umlauts and number formats - you can configure everything.


The data format of the web age is of course supported by Ninox out of the box.

Build exactly what you need — no more, no less.