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Hi Robert,

Yes its possible to sort the choice field by programming.
Use a new formula field with text(Choice field) and sort using this formula field. We have replied to you on your email with detailed explanation and screenshot.
For further queries and doubt please email us at support@ninoxdb.de.

Sakshi- Ninox Support
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Is it possible to back up the iCloud database with exporting? Is the DB stored locally on the mac - can't find it in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/
My wife accidentally deleted her database stored and synced in iCloud. Can it be recovered?
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If you have a backup with TimeMachine you can restore the database.

Birger - Ninox Support
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Hi Jason,

Yes you can create backup and download the database. Please go to Main menu--> Save archive as or from Team-->Data base icon--> Create backup. You can save the backedup/downloaded database to any local folder of your choice. The database storage path in mac is hidden for user access.

Sakshi-Ninox Support

Hi, the printing system doesn't print all the lines. What can I do?
Schermata 2019-03-05 alle 17.29.30

This is a table of 11 lines inside another table and when you print it the result is only 6 lines..

Schermata 2019-03-05 alle 17.30.05

Even though I set more space in the printing module, the result is always the same...



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The picture shows you are in the print editor, right?  Yes, in the print editor there are only a limited records shown, but when you actually print (or create a PDF) all the records will be printed.

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why since the last update the copy function does not work anymore


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Hi Lomis,

It is already fixed, please update to the latest version from the Apple App Store.

Kind regards, Jörg




how is it possible to make a table with 2 entries similar to a excel table : for exemple items as lines and dates as rows and an amount value in the mittle.


            01/01/20 01/02/20 01/03/20 01/04/20

  item 1   10             10           20            30

  item 2   20               5           10            10