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Profit lies in purchasing, is a well-known motto of retail trade. In times like these, however, another item of retail costing is moving to the center of considerations: Personnel, operating and administrative costs. A close look at the processes usually reveals considerable potential. In order to tap this potential, smart digitalization solutions are needed, which allow many processes to be handled much more efficiently.

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Ninox supports new business model in art trade

The two experienced gallery owners of OFFICE IMPART reinvent the gallery - and also breaking new ground with software

Revolutionising a pet store with Ninox
Revolutionising a pet store with Ninox

Successful e-commerce company Pet Revolution revolutionised their order workflow with Ninox

Expansive business management for hospitality
Expansive business management for hospitality

Hospitality manufacturer & distributor SuperSource develops business management solution with Ninox and Nioxus

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Ninox solutions for retail and wholesale

Future solutions for wholesale and retail

The retail industry is in a state of upheaval. Not just since 2020, but Covid-19 has also greatly accelerated this development. Aside from discount grocery stores and drugstores, the turnover of stationary retail has slumped massively and shifted further towards online retail. New ideas and concepts are needed to slow down this development. The much-vaunted digitalisation cannot solve all problems, but if such possibilities are used consistently, it can make an important contribution to the successful reorientation of wholesale and retail. This applies not only to core processes such as merchandise management and human resources, but also and especially to the realisation of new communication and service offers via social networks and e-commerce platforms, with which even long-established specialist retailers can become omni-channel professionals.

Software plays a decisive role in this. On the one hand, it must support the core processes, but on the other, it must also be flexible enough to adapt to the individual processes and requirements of your company and allow for future usage scenarios. This is not the case with most conventional industry solutions, merchandise management, and ERP systems. That's why many wholesalers and retailers still work with Excel spreadsheets, handle orders and customer enquiries by phone, and exchange data mainly by email. The low-code database Ninox offers you the possibility to develop your own individual solutions for your trading company without programming knowledge, tailored exactly to your processes and requirements.

Data at any time and any place

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Mobile and cross-platform working

Since Ninox does not require any specific operating systems or end devices, it can be used at once everywhere, without any additional IT investment: at the office, in branches, at home, and, with mobile end devices, also in retail locations for customers, at events, field service and delivery appointments.

A solution for all areas

You can use Ninox for both classic retail business processes such as merchandise management, ordering and staff planning, and for the efficient organisation of your individual activities. Conveniently manage master data on articles, regular customers and suppliers, set up coupon programmes for customer loyalty, plan sales events, and organise your own delivery or repair services. Inform your customers when order items arrive, integrate supplementary e-commerce platforms, and provide your branches with up-to-date information on organisational and legal issues. Plan and record working hours or use Ninox as a mobile sales aid in the shop for products that require intensive consultation, saving lots of demands and time-consuming trips to the warehouse.

Digital workflows instead of paperwork and Excel spreadsheets

Whether wholesale or retail, stationary or online: You still have to sell yourself, but Ninox helps you to handle all the commercial and organisational processes around it much more efficiently. Ninox is not a ready-made, rigid solution, but adapts flexibly to your current and future needs. Let your employees record their working hours digitally, save yourself the tedious transfer of paper forms to the computer, and never again be annoyed by illegible handwritten notes, missed appointments, untraceable information, and incompatible files.

Software development without programming knowledge

You don't need programming skills or further IT investments to start with Ninox immediately and digitise your business processes according to your own ideas. Start with a subtask and expand your solution step-by-step via no-code to individual construction software, while already using the existing functions. Involve your employees in the development process and implement their feedback immediately. For more complex automation and integrations of external data sources, the Ninox API and a low-code scripting language are also available.

Professional and individual support

We will be around. If you need support or have questions, you can always turn to the Ninox Customer Success team with confidence right from the start. With our certified project partners, qualified service providers are also here for you, who can accompany you on the path to digitalisation with industry-specific know-how and extensive Ninox experience on request. With selective assistance or ready-made, customised software solutions. Either way, with Ninox, you always have a competent contact partner when needed.

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