Effective Field Service Management

Embrace digitization in your field service operations for more effective scheduling of field service people and resources, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Optimal resource planning

When it comes to automating your customer service, no two service processes are the same. A flexible, customizable software solution is needed. With Ninox you can link processes and customer information and visualize large amounts of data. So that you can improve your field service resources and service technicians can do their work with maximum efficiency. Best of all, you adapt the application to your processes, not the other way around.

More insight

Gain insights from data, identify trends, and eliminate resource bottlenecks for optimal service delivery.

Linked operations

Connect field workers with other teams and with mobile devices to quickly complete customer service calls, quickly resolve issues, or even eliminate them altogether.

Intuitive operation

Service technicians and installers can see all the information they need for their jobs with just a few clicks — including geodata.

We have greatly simplified the way we work in sales, reduced costs, and cut administrative work by more than half.
Tim Güldenpfennig
Digital Solutions Berlin

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