Become a Ninox Partner

More than 6,000 companies in the rapidly growing market of no-code/low-code applications already rely on Ninox as a platform for digitalising their processes.

Why become a Ninox partner?

With Ninox you get a framework with which you can digitize, link and optimize the most diverse areas of your customers‘ business.

Be more Competitive

No one else can implement what you can do with Ninox in the context of each customer's needs. Create the best possible solutions and become a "Trusted Advisor".

Maximise Customer Satisfaction

Support from Ninox on the way to the complete satisfaction of your customers - get help, from the development of the first prototype to world-class support and after-sales service.

Grow with new Customers

Build long-term relationships with new customers from new markets based on a market-leading, adaptable cloud application platform.

Boost your go to market

Plan and control your own campaigns with our help - Ninox supports and rewards your outbound campaign.

Ninox promotes & protects

Leads find you as a trained Ninox partner along with your company profile, case studies and success stories on our partner website. As a Ninox Solution or Premium Solution Partner, you receive incoming leads directly from Ninox.

Grow your Revenue & Profitability

Get rewarded for every new client project you complete. Monetize your projects based on lucrative product and service margins and ongoing customization.

What our partners say

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With our customers we use Ninox in such a way that they can operate all systems from Ninox. One platform with which you cover all processes. Incredibly powerful and flexible.
Etienne Scherrer and Mathias Müller
Managing partners
m2apla gmbh
With Ninox as a partner, we digitize the photovoltaic industry and create real competitive advantages through agile & sustainable structures.
Alexander Hottong
Director & Partner
Oceans Real Estate Solutions GmbH
Thanks to Ninox, we as civil engineers can quickly and easily map and expand almost all requirements of a construction company in one system.
Sebastian Kalberg
DV digital vereinfacht GmbH

Ninox Partner Types

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Community Partners are official sales partners of Ninox and part of the Ninox Partner Community. They have initial experience with Ninox projects and can assist with topics such as building a database and scripting.

Solution Partner

Solution Partners are familiar with the implementation of Ninox projects and can analyse customer requirements and implement solutions in Ninox. They are very experienced in scripting and can integrate Ninox into further processes of the company. In addition, they have experience with Ninox Enterprise products.

Premium Solution Partner

Premium Solution Partners are business and technical experts who can analyse the customer's complete situation and implement complex solutions with Ninox. They integrate the solution into the overall architecture of the company and continuously optimise it together with the customer. Experience from several enterprise projects, migrations, integrations and automation through scripting are part of the profile. They distribute the proven solutions in your existing customer network and to new customers.

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Become a Ninox Partner now

  • Up to 30% discount on licenses
  • 7x faster solution development
  • We rely on partners