Ninox Partner Event 2023: A recap of two days full of innovation and success stories

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Frank Böhmer founded Ninox in 2013 with the aim of helping companies with digitization. Since that time, one thing has become particularly clear to us: Low Code offers countless possibilities. And we saw them in action on September 19 and 20, 2023 — at our partner event in Berlin.

More than 60 partners accepted our invitation to Berlin. Our goal was to exchange ideas with the Ninox community. We also had great news that we wanted to share with our long-time companions. But let's start from the beginning.

They want more about our partner program experienced? You can find more information about this elsewhere on our blog.

The future needs low code

The first day was packed with interesting talks. First, VisualMakers co-founder Lilith Brockhaus explained why we won't be able to avoid no-code/low-code in the future. In impressive comparisons, she showed that although there are more and more software projects in German companies, the shortage of IT staff is rising sharply at the same time. Low-code can fill this gap.

Jan Oberhauser, founder and CEO of n8n, is also convinced of low-code. He spoke about workflow automation in his presentation. Anyone who did not yet know what process automation can do was completely convinced of this with this presentation. From connecting to email programs to synchronizing data and monitoring: He showed impressive examples that made the competitive advantage unmistakably clear to everyone in the room.

But the first day of our partner event didn't end without a top-class show. In addition to honoring our best partners, we wanted to show all participants what is possible with Ninox's low-code technology and what stories and successes our platform has produced.

Unsere Partner hören ganz gespannt zu, während Ninox-Mitarbeiter alle Neuerungen vorstellen.
Our partners are eagerly listening as Ninox employees present all the new features.

Awards for best performance

Everyone was talking about one sector in particular at this year's partner event: photovoltaics. Alexander Hottong is the managing director and founder of Photovate, a partner company that was able to celebrate great successes in a very short time. Within a year, the company has grown from one employee to currently 10. He and his team were able to increase sales month by month faster than the competition.

This was not least due to the partnership with Ninox and their innovative ERP for solar engineers. We honored this rapid development at our partner event. Alexander Hottong received the award”Largest Ninox Partner”.

But also another photovoltaic specialist, Finestcloud, was honored. The company saw the biggest growth. Congratulations!

But we honored even more great partners whose solutions make the processes of numerous customers more efficient:

  • Largest software by users: RiKo Solutions
  • Best solution: Sebastian Kalberg from DV digital simplifies GmbH
  • Best outbound activity: SME Cloud Software GmbH       
In Berlin zeigten Ninox-Mitarbeiter und Partner, welche Möglichkeiten in der Low-Code-Lösung möglich sind.
In Berlin, Ninox employees and partners showed what options are possible in the low-code platform.

Lots of inspiration, even more sharing

The second day began with a deep dive into our latest product: Ninox CRM. Our partners have received an exclusive presentation of our new CRM platform. But that wasn't the end of the news for that day. Numerous Ninox employees from the product and tech department presented innovations and plans for the future. With some new features, the audience was clapping with enthusiasm, which in turn showed us that we're heading in the right direction with all updates.

In the afternoon, numerous partners from various industries showed what they had built with Ninox. The best practices and success stories caused a lot of astonishment and, above all, inspiration. After the demonstrations, the participants shared their experiences and strategies for using Ninox in various industries. And everyone agreed: This partner event should definitely take place regularly.

Impressions from the Ninox Partner Event 2023

Click through our photo gallery with the best impressions from the Ninox Partner Event 2023:

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