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EHS risk management — cloud-based, secure and flexible

Manage compliance risks easily and flexibly

Compliance management is a tricky issue for large and small companies. If legal violations occur, this can lead to serious internal and external reputation damage. With Ninox's environmental safety health risk management and eco COMPLIANCE, you no longer need to worry about the authorities. With simple checklists, you can regularly check your legal obligation and convert audits directly into action catalogs.

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A flexible risk management system for your legal certainty

Managing compliance risks means being proactive. Only those who enshrine legal obligations in their corporate values and processes can fully keep an eye on the security of their own company. With Ninox, you have a flexible and comprehensive template for risk assessment and action management. Checklists to check your security status, reminder functions and practical organizational management make compliance easier than ever.

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The benefits of the Ninox compliance management system

Together with our solution partner eco COMPLIANCE, we provide you with a customizable template that allows you to easily manage your compliance management. Master all aspects of legally compliant requirements and approvals with Ninox. Use the audit book to comply with regulations and coordinate responsibilities. Implement approval processes and the handling of hazardous substances safely and in a focused manner.

Determine audit requirements for any number of objects and responsibilities.

Visualize hazard classes, protective measures and first aid instructions with countless pictograms.

Thanks to a comprehensive ingredient database, you can automatically classify hazardous substances.

Create plant registers according to your needs — from aWSV to F-gases.

One software — endless possibilities

The all-in-one solution for systematic legal protection

Mesh:a stands for managing esh—aspects — EHS in turn stands for Environment, Safety and Health. The Compliance Cloud provides you with a central point of contact for all key EHS aspects. The system simply automatically leads you to greater legal certainty. By using mesh:a, EHS personnel not only impress their superiors internally, but also externally vis-à-vis auditors and authorities. Clear EHS risk management allows you to sleep peacefully and is well received.

How our customers use Ninox as a data protection tool

“With Ninox, our customers manage key EHS aspects in a simple and clear way. You can “sleep peacefully” because you have your risks under control.”
Karsten Aldenhövel
“Finally, an application for legal information with a modern, intuitive interface.”
Michael Klös
Head of Environmental and Energy Management
“With Ninox, we have created digital data protection solutions ourselves using our own way of working, individual and adaptable. ”
Berit Schubert
“Ninox gives us quick, easy access to exactly the functions that we really need in everyday life as a law firm.”
Antonio Calderon
Partner @VCvF .legal


Do you still have questions? Here you can find answers to the most important questions:

How do I ensure legal certainty?

Legal certainty in companies means that employees, suppliers, stakeholders and partners can rely on them to respect and protect the rights of the state. It is therefore necessary to establish a holistic compliance strategy in the company that meets legal obligations. Personal injuries and environmental damage must be avoided through risk assessments and documentation of work equipment and hazardous substances. Unfortunately, there is no 100% legal certainty for companies, but those companies that systematically manage compliance risks receive security.

How do I manage risks?

In order to be able to assess risks, companies must be trained in compliance. The persons responsible and the legal register must be clearly formulated and defined. This is the only way to establish processes that enable risk management. Companies should also rely on a holistic compliance system to support the process. This means that you not only record legislation, measures or legal changes, but also translate them into concrete task management and also have the opportunity to work as a team on your legal security.

How do I take all legal requirements into account?

A central, cloud-based ESH risk management solution such as Ninox provides the best overview of all compliance management issues. Dashboards, checklists and pictograms ensure that you keep track of deadlines and obligations at all times. Create safety data sheets and operating instructions with just a few mouse clicks and print them out in PDF format. In this way, you ensure that the entire company is informed about legal protective measures. But the best part: With a flexible low-code system like Ninox, you not only have access to numerous templates, but also adapt the solution to your own processes and needs without any programming knowledge.

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