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Modern IT systems not only manage countless amounts of information, but also protect it from unwanted data misuse and other cyber attacks. With a digital information security management system (ISMS) in Ninox, you have a database available to meet the requirements of ISO standard 27001. Make security standards the basic premise of your IT infrastructure.

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Information security in accordance with international standards

Although security strategies are necessary for companies, they can quickly become a challenge without the necessary know-how. ISO standards regulate the procedure, but are confusing bureaucracy for laymen. With Ninox, you have access to information security management in accordance with international standards. Manage critical infrastructures in a central platform and easily digitally map your processes.

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The benefits of the Ninox ISMS solution

Managing cyber security using checklists sounds tempting. In reality, however, you lose track of things and no longer know which information is on which list. With a central database, that won't happen to you.

Define information security policies digitally.

Protect yourself against unwanted cyber threats in accordance with ISO standard 27001.

Benefit from an integrated data protection and risk management system.

Evaluate your information security through key figure reports.

One software — endless possibilities

Information security tailored to individual needs

From now on, you no longer have to fight your way through IT security regulations alone. Instead of getting lost in countless checklists, Ninox allows you to organize certification audits in a central database. With our solution partner CTC Economy, you also have a point of contact for the development of a holistic security strategy. Thanks to Ninox's low-code approach, you can flexibly adapt information security management to your individual needs.

How our customers use Ninox

“With Ninox, our customers manage key EHS aspects in a simple and clear way. You can “sleep peacefully” because you have your risks under control.”
Karsten Aldenhövel
“Finally, an application for legal information with a modern, intuitive interface.”
Michael Klös
Head of Environmental and Energy Management
“With Ninox, we have created digital data protection solutions ourselves using our own way of working, individual and adaptable. ”
Berit Schubert
“Ninox gives us quick, easy access to exactly the functions that we really need in everyday life as a law firm.”
Antonio Calderon
Partner @VCvF .legal


Do you still have questions? Here you can find answers to the most important questions:

What is an ISMS?

An information security management system (ISMS for short, German: information security management system) is a database in which all guidelines, procedures, measures and tools relating to the security of the IT infrastructure are documented. The implementation is carried out using a top-down approach. Strategic decisions are therefore made at management level. IT security measures are carried out by IT and data protection officers.

What does an ISMS according to ISO 27001 mean?

Information security management systems are standardized in accordance with the international standard ISO 27001. The standard regulates the review of IT security. To do this, processes are first analysed and potential risks are derived. How risks are responded to is then documented in the ISMS in order to efficiently manage crisis situations. The documentation of the derived procedures is approved by an appropriate audit body in order to finally certify the information security management system. The main criteria of ISO 27001 are:
-Responsibilities and role distribution-Access controls
-Verification of suppliers
-Safety level and competence level of employees
-Dealing with everyday safety standards
-Incident Management
-Business continuity management

How often does a certification audit have to be carried out?

To ensure continuous security management, ISMS must be reviewed every three years with a certification audit. In between, there are fewer extensive surveillance audits. These must be carried out annually. The audits ensure that all safety criteria and guidelines are still met.

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