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Quality management system — digital, efficient and mobile

Manage quality management in a database instead of with paper and pen

Optimize your processes and internal procedures in a digital database. With a quality management system (QMS) in Ninox, you can document all your projects in just one place. Implement quality assurance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 in a practical way to map your processes efficiently and systematically. Keep things organized by replacing pen and paper with a mobile database.

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A flexible quality management solution for all industries

Whether in construction, industry, retail or associations: Quality management is always suitable where processes need to be standardized and high quality is to be guaranteed. At the same time, the software ensures that requirements are met, barriers to entry are minimized and costs reduced. With the Ninox template, you get valuable test reports and documentation templates that guarantee the quality assurance of your processes.

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Ein Screenshot, der die Ninox-Software zeigt.

The benefits of Ninox quality management software

Together with our solution partners, we offer you a highly customizable template with which you can inspire your quality management. Based on the ISO 9001 standard, you will develop projects that impress with their high quality and an efficient process. Thanks to the mobile app, you can manage your projects from anywhere and always keep track of things.

Comply with industry regulations and quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001 certification

Use a single platform instead of countless Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

Prepare daily reports, audit reports, and assessments from the office and on the go.

Create and send corporate design PDF formats at the push of a button.

One software — endless possibilities

Systematic project management for high quality standards

Excel and Word may not be unsuitable for project management, but with a central database, you can take team efficiency even further. Instead of searching for contacts or documentation in lists, you can easily filter projects in Ninox by search terms. The best thing about it: The mobile version allows you to access it from anywhere.

How our customers use Ninox in the area quality management

“Before we explained exactly what we wanted to an external software developer, we solved the problem ourselves with Ninox.”
Peter Fazekas
Technical Division Manager
“Our employees also quickly recognized the benefits of the Ninox solution and were able to use it without lengthy training.”
Dr. Martin Haberl
“For us, Ninox is both a frontend, backend and middleware — and is therefore at the center of digitizing our processes.”
Wolfgang Bangert
“Ninox is fast, even with large amounts of data, and is easy to adapt to specific needs.”
Project manager
Miklos Toth


Do you still have questions? Here you can find answers to the most important questions:

What is a quality management system?

Defined in accordance with the ISO 9000:2015 standard, a quality management system (QMS for short) is a platform with which quality assurance measures are planned, implemented, managed and controlled. Companies use the QMS to determine their goals and introduce measures and processes that are necessary to achieve these goals.

Why do I need a quality management system?

The aim of a quality management system is to ensure the quality of products and processes. Test reports can be used to determine whether the respective project meets the necessary requirements and, at the same time, opportunities and risks can be analyzed. Centralized processing in a QMS increases efficiency and reduces costs, as errors can be identified at an early stage. Another positive effect is the increase in customer satisfaction due to high quality assurance. In addition, the system also improves team communication and collaboration.

How does a quality management system work?

With a low-code platform like Ninox, templates are available that you can use directly for the quality assurance process. In addition to test and measurement reports, documentation templates help you to precisely define projects and to assess their quality. If you need additional fields, additional menu items or a completely different workflow than the default workflow, you can adapt the system to your personal requirements without any programming knowledge. In this way, you achieve a continuous improvement process that is fully tailored to your company.

Build exactly what you need — nothing more, nothing less.