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Risk management system — efficient, flexible and smart

Effective risk controlling with an adaptive database

Risk management does not mean avoiding every risk, but using an early detection system for optimization. With Ninox's risk management system, you create audit reports at the push of a button, saving valuable time when evaluating risks. Benefit from an easy-to-learn database and efficient workflows during the test process.

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Risk managers rely on Ninox

Individual risk & compliance solution for your protection

Identify risks early on in order to take proactive measures. Regardless of whether it's occupational safety, inspection documentation or work equipment testing, the Ninox template provides you with a variety of options to take your risk management to the next level. After recording the inventory, you can create risk assessments, operating instructions or report forms in no time at all.

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The benefits of Ninox risk management

Together with our solution partner IB AES, we provide you with various templates with which you can check work equipment, create inspection documentation, prepare report forms in accordance with SK3602 and examine systems and work equipment. Instead of paperwork, you manage risk in an easy-to-learn knowledge database.

Tailor the test process to your individual workflow.

Duplicate reports with just one click — saving valuable working time.

Thanks to reminder functions when measurement values are exceeded, no longer forget to record errors.

Create printable reports and documents with the click of a mouse.

One software — endless possibilities

Intuitive risk controlling meets national standards

Based on safety standards such as national GB MuSchG, SiGeKo, SK3602 or DGUV V3, Ninox meets valid risk management requirements. Say goodbye to thick folders and complete logs, audits, and inspections with one single platform. Checklists, image upload functions and PDF files at the press of a head make your work easier.

How our customers use Ninox

“Ninox is a modern low-code/no-code software — can be used immediately online/offline without lengthy installation effort”
Andreas Hielscher
“Our employees also quickly recognized the benefits of the Ninox solution and were able to use it without lengthy training.”
Dr. Martin Haberl
“Thanks to Ninox, I can now fully focus on the profitable processes of my business.”
Reiner Sanders
“Ninox is fast, even with large amounts of data, and is easy to adapt to specific needs.”
Miklos Toth
Project manager


Do you still have questions? Here you can find answers to the most important questions:

What does risk management mean?

Risk management addresses issues such as occupational safety and test protocols for work equipment and systems. With the help of a risk management system, those responsible record, analyze, evaluate and control existing methods and measures and write a situation report. Monitoring allows, on the one hand, legal requirements to be met and, on the other hand, entrepreneurial risks can be identified and optimized at an early stage.

When is risk management effective?

With an efficient system, you can identify risks before they become errors or process failures. Through daily monitoring, companies prevent business failures or major disasters. With the help of an early detection system, targeted operational measures can be introduced to minimize risks. This always requires up-to-date data, which is managed centrally in a database. This makes risk assessment much easier. Thanks to smart functions of technical systems, you will receive automatic reminders as soon as deficiencies or deviations occur.

How flexible is risk management?

Statutory requirements in the area of occupational safety regulate the processes for test reports, documentation and inspections. However, the necessary documents and workflows differ from company to company depending on the industry. With a flexible low-code system like Ninox, we offer you both: On the one hand, you receive ready-made templates that you can directly transfer to your database to initiate your risk management. At the same time, you can adapt the system to individual needs and work steps without any programming knowledge. Meet specified standards with Ninox's risk management and also make the platform the best possible solution for your company.

Build exactly what you need — nothing more, nothing less.